AutoDCP Cloud Encoding Integrates Aspera Faspex

autodcp with aspera for High-performance encoding

Production Data Services’ AutoDCP is a high-performance and fully automated encoding solution for converting media files such as Apple ProRes or other common video formats into projection-ready Digital Cinema Packages (DCP).  The solution is cloud-based and elastically scalable allowing users to run multiple jobs quickly and efficiently without waiting in line for limited local hardware resources.  Files are run through a fully digital workflow in the cloud, saving users substantial time and money. 

AutoDCP integrates cloud encoding workflows seamlessly using Aspera faspex, allowing users to send large video files at high-speed speed worldwide using Aspera’s FASP® transport technology.  AutoDCP customers can quickly and easily send huge multi-gigabyte media to and from anywhere in the world by fully utilizing their available bandwidth.  Media can more quickly be encoded in the cloud using AutoDCP and then delivered back to users via an Aspera faspex package.  

Joint Feature Highlights:

  • Seamlessly integrate high-speed cloud-based DCP encoding into your media workflow
  • Save substantial time and cost compared to shipping physical media 
  • Leverage the cloud to process many large files in parallel instead of waiting in line for physical resources


Whether you’re a major television studio delivering upfronts, a film festival team seeking to simplify the delivery process, or a major studio distributing final Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) to theaters, AutoDCP makes it easy for users to quickly and easily generate DCP files from existing media files such as Apple ProRes files. 

Setting up AutoDCP with Aspera is as simple as creating a new user account on an existing or new Aspera faspex™ Server with an Aspera Cargo license.  Once set up, users simply send a faspex package with the media file(s) to be encoded to the AutoDCP user, where AutoDCP automatically picks up the package, encodes it in the cloud, and sends back the final DCP file in a faspex package.  Users no longer have to wait in line for limited on premises resources, AutoDCP’s workflow is completely automated in the cloud and can run multiple jobs in parallel at very high-speed. 

By leveraging Aspera’s leading FASP® transfer technology built into faspex, users benefit from substantially shorter wait times for files to upload to and download from AutoDCP.  Users can transfer media files anywhere at maximum speed by fully using their available bandwidth, substantially making big media transfers over the internet faster and more reliable than other TCP-based file transfer options.  

Key Features

High-Speed DCP Creation in the Cloud

  • Fully digital workflow removes the need for physical delivery of tape and discs
  • Save on costs for international shipping and courier fees of physical media
  • Convert multiple files in parallel in the cloud instead of waiting for limited resources


  • Transfers are powered by FASP® - packages are sent at high-speed, independent of file sizes, transfer distance, and network conditions
  • Precise bandwidth control for maximum transfer speeds and fairness to other traffic
  • 100% reliable data delivery with automatic resumes of partial transfers and retries of failed transfers

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