Aspera Upload Acceleration for Akamai NetStorage

High-speed uploads to the Akamai Intelligent Platform


Akamai ScreenshotAkamai NetStorage customers can enjoy the speed and security of Aspera FASP transfers when uploading content to Akamai using an Aspera transfer client. The Akamai NetStorage Aspera Upload Acceleration leverages Aspera high-speed transfer software running in the Akamai Intelligent Platform to dramatically speed file transfers directly into NetStorage. The resulting performance reduces the time required to make time-sensitive content, high quality video files, and large content libraries available for delivery using the Akamai Intelligent Platform.

Joint Feature Highlights:

  • High-speed uploads direct to Akamai
  • Native support for connection configuration in Aspera transfer clients
  • Seamless integration with Akamai NetStorage
  • Integrated monitoring and reporting with Aspera Console and Akamai Luna


Akamai NetStorage customers rely on the cloud service for secure, geographically distributed storage that reduces the cost, complexity, and risk associated with maintaining a managed storage datacenter. In close collaboration with Aspera, Akamai has integrated Aspera’s high-performance FASP digital transport capability to directly ingest data from customer premises into NetStorage native storage for improved efficiency and productivity.

The Akamai NetStorage Aspera Upload Acceleration option leverages Aspera FASP transfer software within the Akamai platform to accelerate file transfers directly into NetStorage many times faster than traditional methods. Aspera transfer clients have built-in connection information for the Akamai NetStorage service.

Key Features

High-speed transfers USING ASPERA

With the Akamai Upload Acceleration option enabled, Akamai customers can use standard Aspera transfer client and server software to upload content directly into NetStorage.

  • Existing Aspera customers can upload content using their existing Aspera clients including Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point to Point, Aspera Client, and faspex (command line only).
  • Existing Akamai customers can use the limited-use Aspera Client provided on the Akamai website.
  • All features are supported including drag and drop, hot folders, scheduling, and scripted command line.


Aspera FASP server software has been extended to integrate directly with Akamai Net Storage APIs, enabling all of the standard capabilities of FASP.

  • Transfer files of any number and size at line-speed, end-to-end, from source disk to destination on Net Storage.
  • Support for transfer management including pause, resume and HTTP fallback.
  • Built in security, with authentication, data integrity verification, and encryption over the wire and at rest.

SCHEDULING, Monitoring and Reporting

All incoming and outgoing transfers can be managed and monitored in real-time from within the Aspera Client, Aspera Console or the Luna Control Center

  • Monitor incoming and outgoing transfers and view reports on transfers.
  • Reporting can include details such as volume uploaded or download over time and upload volume by user.


Software Requirements


  • Akamai NetStorage
  • Aspera Upload Acceleration Option


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Aspera usage on the Akamai Site can be view through Akamai Luna Control Center.

Akamai customers can download the Aspera Client from the Akamai Luna Control Center here.

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Aspera for Akamai Datasheet
Akamai NetStorage Datasheet


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