Aspera Sync for Avid NEXIS

High-speed replication and synchronization of your Avid media storage system

Avid NEXIS is the world's first software-defined storage platform that enables true storage virtualization for any media application. Designed to accelerate online and nearline production, teams gain easy access to a shared pool of storage that can scale up to nearly 3 PB in size. While Avid NEXIS provides flexible, powerful capabilities to protect your media and deliver maximum uptime, certain projects require a comprehensive approach that includes secure media file transfers, synchronization between systems, and/or remote replication for disaster recovery.

Aspera Sync for Avid NEXIS provides high-speed replication of Avid's storage platform, synchronizing media assets and files without interrupting editorial operations. Geographically-dispersed production teams can use the software to mirror, aggregate, and distribute content across regional boundaries in a highly-efficient and secure manner. The software also helps IT managers to maintain a data protection strategy that ensures quick system and site recovery while avoiding extended backup windows.


Easily scale the deployment to enable remote and collaborative workflows. All production media assets stored in disparate locations can be replicated to other nodes using the Aspera high-speed transfer technology. In-house and remote teams will then have access to the most recent content and versions without having to execute any special processing on their end.


Synchronize your files using a secure transfer technology that does not compromise performance or speed. Before any data is sent, the transmission is authenticated and authorized. The content is encrypted on-the-fly and can be stored encrypted on the receiver’s end. Once received, data integrity is verified, protecting against man-in-the-middle, replay, and UDP denial-of-service attacks.


Don’t take your production teams offline while backing up their data. Real-time synchronization and fast replication help IT meet recovery point objectives while ensuring short data protection windows. The solution has been built to protect the largest data sets that range from TB-sized files to millions of small files. Offering a choice of storage targets, all data can be replicated to a remote, offsite NEXIS system or to Amazon S3.


Aspera Sync for Avid Nexis use cases


High-speed offsite content replication

  • Reconciles file system changes with remote peers at extremely high speed (500 files per second+).
  • Sustains constant performance, even with increased numbers of files and variations in networks conditions.
  • Transfers data between peers at full bandwidth capacity, regardless of distance, at speeds of up to 1000X faster than rsync.
  • Intelligently recognizes changes and file operations such as moves and renames, instantaneously propagating these changes to remote peers. The smart algorithm avoids unnecessary data transfers over the WAN.

Support for any AVID NEXIS deployment

  • Supports bidirectional and multidirectional synchronization topologies where content is changing on multiple nodes.
  • Syncs data between Avid NEXIS storage systems as well as remote Amazon S3 storage.

Reliable and secure media file Synchronization

  • Ensures 100% data integrity: users can safely move, rename, and delete files or entire directory structures, without fear of data loss.
  • Offers complete security with built-in endpoint authentication, encryption, and data integrity verification.

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