MediaBeacon Integrates with Aspera FASP

High-Speed Asset Transfer using Aspera FASP into and out of MediaBeacon’s DAM solution


MediaBeacon is an enterprise-class Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform for searching, tagging, and manipulating assets from anywhere in the world.  MediaBeacon's enterprise search engine and automated workflows are perfectly suited for managing all media and document types in single or distributed high-availability environments. MediaBeacon’s flexible interface is integrated with Aspera FASP technology, enabling users to upload and download assets at high-speed from the MediaBeacon web interface. The integration combines the power of MediaBeacon’s search tools with Aspera’s high-speed file transfer ability to enable users to find and immediately access large media assets over the web.

Joint Feature Highlights:

  • Store assets anywhere in the world and access them using MediaBeacon’s web interface.
  • Transfer assets at high speed using Aspera FASP directly within the web interface to upload or download media assets.
  • Increase productivity by rapidly finding assets and retrieving them at maximum speed.


MediaBeacon’s enterprise digital asset management (DAM) solutions are used by customers to manage all kinds of rich media in a single site or across multiple, distributed locations with granular security and high availability. MediaBeacon's widget-based interface brings the desktop experience to the browser, allowing the creation of powerful DAM-centric web sites that support customer-centric workflows using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

By adding Aspera FASP technology, MediaBeacon’s platform is able to support high-speed transfer of media assets throughout the globe on customers’ existing networks. Assets can be uploaded or downloaded securely into or out of MediaBeacon’s DAM at maximum speed, regardless of file sizes or distance.

MediaBeacon’s customers can use the lightweight, install-on-demand Aspera Connect web browser plug-in that seamlessly integrates with the browser to enable high-speed transfer of large files.  The Aspera Connect web browser plug-in also provides real-time transfer monitoring and control to enable users to adjust the bandwidth usage of individual transfers, if needed.

Key Features


Aspera FASP High-Speed Transfer

With Aspera FASP technology, MediaBeacon customers are able to transfer assets at speeds much faster than HTTP, FTP, rsync or other conventional upload mechanisms. 

  • Transfer assets at high-speed regardless of size, distance, or format.
  • Support MediaBeacon’s global users to complete their work without being delayed by slow transfer rates.
  • Built in security, with authentication, data integrity verification, and encryption over the wire and at rest.

Easy to Use

From within the MediaBeacon DAM solution, users can easily upload and download assets to support any media workflow need.

  • Web-based interface with self-installing Aspera Connect web browser plug-in for high-speed transfers.
  • Browser independent transfers allow users to continue their work uninterrupted.
  • Easy-to-use interface provides real-time status of transfer progress and transfer rate, allowing users to adjust transfer rates on the fly and to cancel/pause/resume queued transfers.

Maximize Productivity Across Locations

With the Aspera FASP transfer technology and the MediaBeacon solution, customers can enable high-speed transfer into and out of the MediaBeacon DAM solution to increase productivity on a global scale.

  • Aspera FASP supports support thousands of concurrent transfer sessions with solid throughput over high-loss and high-delay networks.
  • Connects the most distant offices by offering reliable transfer of assets.
  • Slow connections utilize the full bandwidth to make transfers into and out of the MediaBeacon DAM.

Software Requirements


  • The integration requires a license of the MediaBeacon software. 


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MediaBeacon Aspera Integration




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