Leica Biosystems’ Aperio ePathology Solutions integrates Aspera

Enable pathologists around the globe to view and share large patient files rapidly using Aspera FASP


Leica Biosystems is a global leader in laboratory workflow solutions for anatomic pathology. Recognizing there is a shortage of pathology expertise worldwide, Leica Biosystems expanded its capability in pathology imaging with Aperio ePathology Solutions, to offer pathologist better access to slide imaging results.

Aperio has integrated Aspera FASP technology into their solution to move large digital images into and out of their datacenter for quick and easy access by pathologists anywhere in the world. By being able to transfer these large patient files at high speeds, pathologists can easily review patient cases and reduce the overall time of providing diagnoses to their patients. 

Joint Feature Highlights:

  • Quickly transfer large eSlides, which can contain an entire patient case, across the globe in a timely manner.  
  • Enable remote sites with limited pathology services to expand patient services since patient data can be quickly distributed.
  • Streamlined workflow with Aspera FASP tightly integrated into Aperio ePathology Solutions provides seamless and secure high-speed transfer of patient data. 


The Aperio ePathology Solutions starts with converting glass slides to electronic whole slide images (eSlides) that can be managed and distributed inside locally at a single site, within an IT network, or across the globe. An entire patient file consisting of related eSlides can reach up to 1GB of data, which could make it challenging to upload the patient data easily, quickly and securely into the Aperio Managed Network using traditional transfer technologies.

In order to enable expert collaboration with pathologists, Aperio has embedded Aspera FASP technology to transfer large patient data sets across the globe at high speeds quickly and securely.  With Aspera FASP embedded into the Aperio Managed Network, Aperio eSlides and electronic pathology records are quickly uploaded and distributed enabling expert collaboration with pathologists and other relevant medical experts who are part of the diagnostic process. With Aspera high-speed transfer, turnaround time is significantly decreased, reducing the time for diagnosis.  Because Aspera technology is extremely reliable even on networks with high-loss or limited bandwidth, the combined solution makes it possible for remote sites with limited access to pathology services to provide patients with new diagnostic services that would be otherwise inaccessible.

Key Features


Transfer Large Patient Data within Aperio

Aspera FASP is embedded into the Aperio ePathology Solutions to provide the high-speed delivery of patient cases around the globe.

  • Patient files are transferred using FASP — files are sent at high speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance, or network conditions.
  • Confidential patient files are transferred securely with encryption over the wire and at rest.
  • Pathologists have access to patient files regardless of their location to quickly make diagnosis on time sensitive cases.

Enable Diagnosis from Anywhere Around the Globe

Large patient files can be securely and efficiently distributed to pathologists regardless of their location.

  • With Aspera transfers that can be interrupted and resumed even on unreliable networks, remote sites lacking pathologists can reliably upload their patient cases into the Aperio Managed Network to be viewed by pathologists in other locations.
  • A quick turnaround for a second opinion from other expert pathologists can now be achieved with the ability to transfer a whole patient case at high-speeds to other locations.
  • Aspera transfers help improve patient care by reducing the time it takes to deliver patient files to pathologists, speeding up the overall time to diagnosis.

Software Requirements


License for the Aperio ePathology Solutions.


Aspera is embedded into the Aperio solution.

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Leica Biosystems is a global leader in laboratory workflow solutions for anatomic pathology, striving to advance cancer diagnostics to improve patients’ lives. Recognizing there is a shortage of Pathology expertise worldwide, Leica Biosystems expanded its capability in pathology imaging with Aperio ePathology Solutions, enabling greater access for Pathologists through market leading whole slide scanners, Network solutions that enable remote, real-time viewing and easy distribution of images for collaboration, and Precision image analysis solutions to improve clinical and research productivity, reproducibility, and consistency.