Joint Partner Solutions


            The Aspera Upload Acceleration option leverages Aspera FASP directly integrated within the Akamai CDN to speed file and directory transfers directly into NetStorage many times faster than traditional methods.
          • Aspera FASP Plug-in for Avid

            The Aspera Plug-in for Avid Interplay Delivery and Avid Transfer Manager powers integrated, high-speed transport of high-resolution media between Avid Interplay Production workgroups enabling near-real time collaboration.
          • Aspera for Avid interplay | mam

            The Aspera File Acceleration Integration kit for Avid Interplay | MAM allows Avid customers to share and distribute large media files as well as make production and archived media assets accessible to every in-house and remote contributor.
          • Aspera for Avid Media Composer

            Aspera for Avid Media Composer enables editors to ingest and deliver huge media files with incredible speed and reliability over their existing wide area networks (WANs) to meet the time-critical demands of the editorial process.
          • Aspera Sync for Avid NEXIS

            Aspera Sync for Avid NEXIS provides high-speed replication of Avid’s storage platform, synchronizing media assets and files without interrupting editorial operations.
          • aspera with catdv for optimized media workflow logistics

            Square Box System’s leading Media Asset Management tool, CatDV integrates Aspera’s high-speed transfer technology for fast and secure ingest and distribution of large media assets within sophisticated media workflows.
          • ASPERA High-speed upload for Dalet Galaxy

            Dalet has partnered with Aspera to enable faster ingest of large digital media files into the Dalet Galaxy platform, with line speed WAN transfer at any distance, using the Aspera FASP® transport technology. This enables organizations to maximize the use of Dalet’s comprehensive toolset for multi-site collaboration and remote working.
          • Aspera High-Speed Transfer Integration with Databiology

            Databiology has integrated Aspera into its innovative platform for life sciences research, Databiology for Enterprise (DBE), to allow collaborating teams and organizations to securely and reliably transfer huge research datasets to and from the DBE platform at maximum speed from anywhere in the world over existing commodity network infrastructure.

            Together, Elemental and Aspera provide a faster end-to-end workflow for video processing. Aspera FASP transfers can be utilized in Elemental's point-to-point workflows and workflows to and from the cloud.
          • editshare flow solution integrates aspera fasp

            EditShare has partnered with Aspera to tightly integrate the patented Aspera FASP® technology into its Flow Automation solution. This ensures the fastest and most reliable performance of time critical workflows that include the ingest and delivery of large high resolution media content to or from disparate locations across countries and continents.
          • Aspera Software for EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS

            Aspera Enterprise and Connect Server for Isilon IQ are cluster-aware versions of Aspera high-speed file transfer technology for rapid, reliable, and scalable content delivery, directly to and from EMC Isilon clustered storage.
          • Aspera high-speed transfer FOR

   empowers thousands of companies to deliver video successfully across an ever-expanding landscape of browsers, mobile devices, and home entertainment platforms. With Aspera FASP, ensures the fastest end-to-end upload, transcode and distribution.
          • Aspera for Envoi's Media Content Distribution Platform

            Envoi's media supply chain and content distribution cloud platform offers Aspera's patented FASP transfer technology that is tightly integrated to provide content owners, producers, and distributors with unmatched media processing, workflow automation and distribution capabilities that can handle any size content over any distance on any leading cloud platform.

            EVS C-Next editors can ingest and deliver huge media files and content with incredible speed and reliability over global WANs to meet the extreme time-critical demands of the editorial process, enabling faster and more geographically dispersed production workflows than ever before.

            EVS C-Cast delivers live media content through the integration of Aspera’s FASP software for high-speed transfer. With Aspera FASP, EVS ensures maximum transfer speed of the media files from end to end within the C-Cast system.
          • FilmTrack High Speed Transfers using Aspera

            In partnership with Aspera, FilmTrack is using Aspera FASP high-speed transport technology to securely and quickly ingest content into the FilmTrack platform and distribute content from the cloud to the customer ecosystem, accelerating access to production digital media assets for sales and partners.
          • Fortium Technologies MediaSeal

            Fortium Technologies has teamed up with Aspera to integrate FASP transfer technology so that customers can initiate high-speed transfers that will call Fortium’s MediaSeal to encrypt and protect files before transit. The integrated solution will then distribute packages of files at FASP speeds and prevent unauthorized users from accessing secured content.
          • Grass Valley GV STRATUS

            The integration of Aspera FASP technology directly into the GV STRATUS platform provides fast and secure content ingest so customers can get productions running quickly and more smoothly than ever before.
          • Aspera faspstream transfer technology for interra baton

            Interra Systems’ industry-leading Baton™, an automated and file-based content verification solution, now integrates inline with Aspera FASPStream’s high-speed streaming transfers, enabling fast and efficient quality checks of media assets as they are being sent and received in global media workflows.
          • Aspera high-speed asset delivery with irdeto tracemark

            Irdeto, a world leader in digital platform security, has partnered with Aspera to offer a solution which allows content owners and distributors to rapidly and efficiently deliver content across the world while mitigating the impact of online piracy. This joint solution seamlessly inserts watermarks into the current workflow in real-time as bytes are transferred with no impact on delivery quality or speed.

          • The integration of Aspera on Demand with MediaSilo’s cloud-based asset management platform enables accelerated file transfers for large video files and complements the company's core feature set around content ingest, review, approval and distribution.
          • NexGuard File Delivery with Aspera Faspex

          • The NexGuard File Delivery solution integrated with Aspera Faspex enables studios and content creators to rapidly watermark and deliver content across distribution channels at maximum speed, helping fight piracy while drastically reducing processing time.
          • Aspera for Ooyala's Integrated Video Platform

          • Ooyala has tightly integrated Aspera’s FASP® technology at the API level within the Ooyala Flex framework to help customers ingest and deliver large amounts of video content and to streamline their media operations as well as integrating Aspera across all its Video Platform edge ingestion nodes to allow customers to securely ingest content from their locations all over the world to Ooyala with incredible speed and reliability.
          • Perforce Helix Core, Powered by IBM Aspera

          • Perforce Helix Core powered by IBM Aspera is a software solution designed to overcome the file transfer challenges of global teams working on large asset repositories. This joint solution provides the ability to send data at line speed regardless of distance, file size, or network conditions, thereby ensuring that remote sites are in sync with central servers at all times.
          • Scality with Aspera FASP for Large Media Content Distribution

            Scality has integrated with Aspera FASP transfer software to offer high-speed file transfer into, out of, and within the Scality RING. The integration of the Aspera technology with the Scality RING enables media companies to transfer large files, such as HD video, into and out of the RING with the highest speed, security, and reliability regardless of file size or distance between production sites.
          • Sony Ci embedded with Aspera FASP technology

            With Aspera high-speed file transfer embedded directly into Sony Media Cloud Services Ci, creative professionals can upload and download full resolution media and meta-data from a secure browser-based user interface, making it simple for people to assemble teams online, work on projects and access files from locations around the world.
          • T-21 Powered by Aspera FASPStream

            T-21's hardware solutions enable media companies to encode, decode, transcode, record and translate network protocols for high-quality streaming over IP networks. Aspera's FASPStream technology has been fully embedded in their latest line of encoders and decoders to provide glitch-free broadcast quality streaming over commodity internet connections without any additional software or hardware.

            The Aspera FASPStream technology has been integrated into Telestream's Lightspeed Live Capture, a scalable, multi-channel on-premise capture solution for ingesting live, live linear or tape-based media directly into production, post-production and broadcast workflows. With the integration of Aspera's high-quality streaming, Lightspeed Live Capture offers the world's first remote live editing solution over commodity internet.

            Aspera faspex for Telestream Vantage

            Telestream has integrated the Aspera Faspex™ transport technology directly into Telestream Vantage to enable automated high-speed transfer of files processed through any Vantage workflow, including media and metadata files.
          • Aspera FASP for Telestream Vantage

            Telestream has embedded Aspera FASP™ high-speed transport technology directly into Telestream Vantage using the FASPStream API for a completely seamless user experience in workflow creation.
          • Vidispine MAM Development Platform powered by Aspera

            Aspera’s high-speed FASP transport software is integrated with Vidispine’s innovative API-based platform to deliver a complete media asset management backbone with all the features and capabilities necessary to deliver data rapidly and securely from complex workflows with flexibility and ease.
          • Viz One

            OneViz One file-based video workflow from Vizrt manages all your content in a central repository. Combined with Aspera FASP high-performance transfer technology, content can be ingested, produced, stored, and distributed securely, at maximum speed, regardless of file sizes or distance.
          • WCPMedia Services WIth Aspera's secure high-speed media transfers

            WCPMedia Services has integrated Aspera FASP secure high-speed file transfer technology with its media asset management platform. This B2B cloud-based platform provides immediate access to an innovative solution that manages, protects, promotes, transcodes and distributes owned assets, supporting collaboration among the industry operators ecosystem and dramatically reducing company investment in terms of time and cost.

“With superior file transfer technology and its dynamic and flexible Orchestrator workflow management platform that makes it simple to integrate third-party processing tools, Aspera was the clear choice for us.” Adam Scott, Director Broadcast Operations at FOXTEL