Replace your DigiDelivery server with faspex

Performance. Ease-of-use. Bulletproof security. Enterprise-grade scalability and management.

High-performance collaboration made easy

The Aspera faspex™ person-to-person file delivery solution combines the ease-of-use of DigiDelivery™ with the performance, security, scalability and management capabilities that have made Aspera the undisputed leader in high-speed file transfer.

Upgrading to the Aspera faspex Server from DigiDelivery is easy, and even more compelling with the ad-hoc file sharing features. Aspera faspex  boasts a powerful drop box capability that allows ad-hoc submission of content from third parties via a simple e-mail invitation, without requiring an account on your Aspera faspex Server.

Why switch from DigiDelivery to Aspera faspex™?

Unrivaled transfer performance

Exchange files of any size with anyone in the world at significantly faster speeds without upgrading your network infrastructure: by switching to the Aspera faspex solution, DigiDelivery users will experience transfer speed increase up to 100x (and more) depending on their IT infrastructure (network bandwidth, CPU, storage, etc.).

At the core of the faspex solution, Aspera’s patented fasp™ transport technology delivers maximum transfer speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. And you don’t need to worry about network bandwidth limitations and scheduling transfers after everyone has left the building: faspex includes Aspera’s patented adaptive rate control technology that automatically protects other traffic on your network.

> learn about the benefits of fasp in this technology datasheet (PDF)
> fasp transfer times

Familiar web-based interface, ease-of-use and universal installation

Users simply create and receive digital deliveries from an intuitive web interface; recipients are notified via e-mail and Aspera’s install-on-demand Connect browser plug-in handles the movement of data to and from the server.

faspex allows you to leverage existing computing equipment and easily scales with your IT infrastructure: Aspera products install on standard computing platforms and is are all extremely-scalable software-only solutions.

There are virtually no platform limitations on the client side: users perform transfers from a web interface that supports most popular browsers on most operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux).

> visit the faspex page

Industry-standard Aspera file transfer technology

You will enjoy the most trusted high-speed file transfer technology available today: Hollywood studios, TV broadcasters, video content distributors, government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations rely on Aspera for the business and mission-critical transport of their most precious digital assets – some of them moving in excess of a terabyte per day with Aspera software.

Some of the world’s most demanding organizations when it comes to data protection trust Aspera’s bulletproof security, even over the public Internet. To ensure comprehensive security, the Aspera faspex solution combines AES-128 encryption during the transfer and on the recipient’s computer, SSH authentication and full data integrity verification, password strength enforcement and account expiry policies, and sophisticated account restrictions settings. And to provide complete peace of mind, faspex includes comprehensive monitoring, reporting and auditing capabilities.

Enterprise-grade administration.

Automation & Workflow integration. And more!

Built for enterprise workflows of any scale, the Aspera faspex Server includes comprehensive user and server administration capabilities and can be remotely monitored and controlled via Aspera Console – Aspera’s centralized web-based transfer management application. What's more, faspex delivers excellent flexibility and can easily be integrated as part of your global file-based workflow or business process orchestration.

  • Detailed user account administration
  • Active Directory integration
  • Comprehensive workgroup administration
  • Remote management, monitoring and control through Aspera Console
  • Automation capabilities for file-based process/workflow integration
  • Custom metadata configuration
  • Robust and highly scalable multi-server configuration