Aspera Technology: the fasp™ Solution

Aspera’s unwavering mission is to create the next-generation software technologies that move the world’s data at maximum speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. Our patented, highly efficient bulk data transport technology fasp™ is unique and core to all Aspera high-performance file transfer software. With approximately 2,000 customers and over 16,000 active software licenses being used worldwide, Aspera serves all industries that need to move large volumes of data over wide area networks.

Our patented technology eliminates the bottlenecks of TCP and delivers maximum transfer speed regardless of network conditions and transfer distance. With bulletproof security and reliability built-in, Aspera software provides users with unprecedented bandwidth management, allowing for sophisticated transfer prioritization and automatic protection of other IP traffic.

faspTM is an emerging standard for the high-speed movement of large files or large collections of files over wide area networks (WANs). Hollywood studios, major broadcasters, telecommunications operators, sports leagues, life sciences organizations, government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations rely on Aspera software for the business or mission-critical transport of their most valuable digital assets – some of them moving in excess of one terabyte per day over their WAN infrastructure.


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“With its complete reliability and ease of use, Aspera’s fasp™ has become the industry standard for the high-speed movement and management of large files or collections of files over wide area networks.” Adam Larter, CTO of Dubsat


"With terabytes of sensitive data constantly being transferred, we need a solution that will let us sleep at night... Aspera is a proven high-performance transport solution recommended by our partners that enables us to contain our costs, and maintain a very aggressive production schedule."Jon Landau, Producer of Titanic and Avatar


 “On the surface, the other technologies looked like they may do the trick, but when we looked at the hard numbers, they didn’t hold a candle to what Aspera was delivering.” Shane Zucker, Chief Marketing Officer at Aviate