NexGuard File Delivery with Aspera Faspex

On-the-Fly Watermarking with Secure High-Speed Distribution

Pre-release content is highly susceptible to piracy and can significantly hinder box office sales if leaked prior to release. To help combat piracy, studios and original content creators rely on invisible watermarks to trace the source of a leak. Unfortunately, in today’s world of ever-increasing content distribution channels and file formats, creating unique watermarks for each version of a file can take hundreds of hours making it impossible to hit tight turnarounds. Furthermore, the potential for human error is incredibly high making manual watermarking an unsuitable option.

The NexGuard File Delivery solution integrated with Aspera Faspex provides an innovative new way to overcome these challenges. At the core of the solution is a simple two-step process that quickly generates any number of uniquely watermarked files without heavy manual involvement. Watermarked files are then delivered with Aspera’s industry-leading transport technology anywhere in the world, securely and at high-speed. Generating, tracking and delivering watermarked files for high-volume distribution workflows has never been easier.

Key Features

  • Rapid, high-volume watermarking
  • High-speed delivery anywhere in the world
  • End-to-end secure content distribution and management


The NexGuard File Delivery solution integrated with Aspera Faspex is a two-step process that overcomes the challenges of quickly generating multiple watermarked files from one source. The solution starts by creating an intermediate version of the mezzanine file and then generating uniquely watermarked variants on-the-fly. Aspera Faspex delivers the file anywhere in the world at high-speed with bullet-proof data security. Watermark job and transfer log data is captured in the NexGuard Manager providing robust end-to-end reporting.

How NexGuard File Delivery with Aspera Faspex Works


Rapid, High-Volume Watermarking and Delivery

  • Pre-processing performed once per asset prepares content for instantaneous watermarking
  • Unique watermarks embedded to any number of files during file transfer with no degradation in speed
  • On-the-fly watermarking combined with high-speed file delivery drastically reduces processing times for one-to-many workflows

End-to-End Secure Content Distribution and Management

  • Watermarking and file transfer logs centrally stored in NexGuard Manager for a 360 view of all activity
  • Industry proven watermarking coupled with enterprise-grade transfer security provides a complete solution for combating piracy
  • Full integration with NexGuard Detection Services enables automated, live monitoring of premium content from within one tool


Aspera Enterprise Server V3.X and Faspex V4.X for the NexGuard plugin, running on Windows and Linux OS

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