Aspera is an ideal place for innovative and ambitious engineers and entrepreneurial technologists. We are a worldwide leader in high performance data transport software. Work at Aspera is an opportunity to develop interesting emerging technologies and have a great time in the process. Our offices are an open plan located in the tech corridor of Emeryville in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although we work hard, we also enjoy one another’s company. Teams collaborate on a daily basis, and play sports together when the weather permits. 

About Aspera

  • Founded in 2004; headquartered in Emeryville, CA
  • FASP™ - award winning and breakthrough technology for high-speed data transfer
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  • A market leader in high-speed data transfer solutions
  • Worldwide deployment in media and entertainment, life sciences, government agencies, high tech and global IT companies

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Join our Internship Program

Every year Aspera receives over 2,500 applications from qualified candidates competing for 10 internship positions, across our groups. The groups are listed below:

  • Mobile App Development (SF Bay Area or France)
  • Desktop and Browser App Development (SF Bay Area or France)
  • Core Transport and Security Software Development (SF Bay Area or France)
  • R&D for Transport Performance and Data Analytics (SF Bay Area)
  • Software Test Engineering (SF Bay Area or France)
  • Software Services and Consulting (SF Bay Area or France)
  • Technical Support Services (SF Bay Area or France)
  • Technical Publications (SF Bay Area)
  • APIs and Aspera Developer Support (Utah or SF Bay Area)
  • Build & Release Systems (SF Bay Area)

Our internship program offers a 1:1 in depth experience where you are paired with at least one of our experienced engineers in one of the above teams, working together on a daily basis. You will be working on actual code, software testing and related problems that have direct impact on our products, and will fully participate in our product development and engineering process.

Twice during the length of the internship you will have the opportunity to present your work to your internship peers and Aspera leaders, and you will receive regular informal feedback from your mentor and formal feedback on your performance at various milestones in your internship. Many of our top interns are offered full time positions after graduation or completion of their advanced degrees and many are part of our technical staff today.

The Aspera culture is open, informal and highly energetic. Our teams enjoy working and playing together and we have an informal office with great catered food and a number of organized group activities and parties. Our internships pay market-competitive salaries and as part of the greater IBM company we also offer a housing a stipend for students outside of the immediate area.

Length and Timing of Internship can last 3 months (summer break), and can continue through the school year.

Please check back for upcoming opportunities on the IBM careers page.


“We consider Aspera to be an important business partner of ours. Not only does the technology
have clear and demonstrable benefits but the company also listens to our feedback and has already incorporated changes based on our needs.” Jonathan Humphrey, IT Director at Codemasters