Customer Showcase

  • 65th Berlin International Film Festival

    65th Berlin International Film Festival selects Aspera for fast, secure file-based film delivery

    4K film format creates Big Data Challenge

  • Afrostream

    High-speed transfer of local and international African and African American content to and from IBM Cloud

    Afrostream Boosts Video on Demand Service With High-Speed Transfers From Aspera on IBM Cloud

    Case Study
  • Allin Interactive

    High-speed distribution of HD movies to hotels with Aspera

    Allin Interactive embeds Aspera fasp high-speed transport in DigiHD™ ITV for rapid and secure delivery of HD content to hospitality industry

    Case Study
  • amana group

    Enabling collaboration, efficiency and productivity

    amana group has selected Aspera to deliver media content at high speed

  • Aquafin

    Enabling design and research collaboration with high-speed data transfers

    Aquafin integrated Aspera Faspex™ with the Alfresco content services platform to reliably and securely exchange hundreds of files each day

    Case Study
  • Aquipt

    High-speed transfers enable on-demand eDiscovery applications

    Aspera-powered data transfers for Aquipt’s MatterPoint legal applications SaaS platform

    Case Study
  • Arirang TV

    Digital file transport and management

    Arirang TV selects Aspera to deliver mission-critical media assets to broadcasters in 188 countries

  • Aspire Academy

    Enhancing Data Movement for Aspire Academy

    Aspire Academy selects Aspera to transfer sports video content around the world

    Case Study
  • Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)

    Enabling distribution of sports content to media outlets at high speed

    Shortening end-to-end workflows with Aspera software

    Case Study
  • Australian Broadcasting Company

    Powering File-Based Syndication System with High-Speed Transfers

    Australian Broadcasting Corporation replaces legacy satellite system with Aspera software for content ingest and distribution.

  • Aviate

    Transforming the video delivery process

    Aspera platform powers Aviate's breakthrough video asset solution

    Case Study
  • BASE Media Cloud

    Fast and easy media distribution for high-volume global media workflows

    BASE Media Cloud with Aspera Files delivers fast, reliable & easy to use services to its broadcast customers

    Case Study
  • Beyond International

    Beyond International relies on Aspera high-speed transfer to power global production workflows

    Aspera transfers full-resolution content between production teams enabling global workflows for highly rated shows

  • BGI

    Elevating genome research through speedy data delivery

    BGI and Aspera collaborate on high-speed data transfer for genome research advancement

    Case Study
  • Bluebee

    Fast Transfer of Genomics Data for Clinical Applications

    Helping reduce computational data analysis turnaround time to deliver results to clients faster

    Case Study
  • Broadway Video

    Broadway Video selects Aspera to accelerate production and distribution of original content

    Leading Global Entertainment and Media Company Relies on Aspera to Deliver Comedy Programming to its Distribution Partners

  • Brown Bag Films

    Aspera enables real-time global collaboration and a 24/7 post-production workflow

    Top global animation studio deploys Aspera Sync software to manage increasing big data requirements and enable a faster, more efficient global pipeline

  • BT

    BT launches new service to revolutionize transfer of film & tv content

    Film and television producers will be able to send hours of footage, including high-definition movies, in a matter of minutes

  • BT Sport

    High-speed transfers and automation support BT Sport’s new production hub

    BT Sport selects Aspera to drive high-performance file transfer at BT Sport's new production hub in Stratford

    Case Study
  • Burrows CGI

    Real-time data synchronization

    Burrows CGI deploys Aspera’s high-speed synchronization software to collaborate on projects across the globe

  • Channel 4

    Speeding on demand workflows with Aspera's cloud-ready file transfer solution

    Channel 4 selects Aspera On Demand for its popular 4oD service

    Case Study
  • Chillibean

    Spicing up file transfers

    London-based solutions provider to the media industry reduces transfer times from several days to a couple of hours.

  • Christian Cinema

    Powering the aggregation of Christian movies on a custom VOD platform

    Christian Cinema selects Aspera On Demand for cloud-based film uploads

    Case Study
  • Cinedigm

    Cinedigm powers global distribution service with Aspera

    The largest worldwide aggregator of independent digital content has deployed solutions from Aspera to achieve high-speed deliveries to its distribution partners.

    Case Study
  • Cinema Cloud

    High-speed Digital Cinema Content Distribution with Aspera On Demand

    Transferring multi-gigabyte digital cinema files between globally dispersed suppliers, distributors and customers

    Case Study
  • CinePostproduction

    Speeding delivery of Digital Cinema Packages for theatre release using hybrid cloud model

    CinePostproduction Speeds SHARC Digital Cinema Distribution with Aspera High-speed Transfer via Hybrid Cloud

    Case Study
  • Civolution

    Automated watermarking

    Aspera and Civolution integrate NexGuard watermarking with Orchestrator workflow automation

  • CJ Powercast

    Aspera Drives Next-Generation Media Asset Management Systems

    CJ Powercast has deployed solutions from Aspera for worldwide file transfers, management, and automation

  • Codemasters

    Rapid, predictable, mobile upload for content creators

    Top game developer taps leading high-speed file transfer company to speed global exchange of game content.

    Case Study

    Moving legal documents faster to improve accuracy of public records

    CourthouseDirect selects Aspera to speed up the transfer of large sets of digitized legal records between courthouses, customers and external vendors

    Case Study
  • Crossroads Systems, Inc.

    Enabling offsite replication for disaster recovery applications

    Crossroads embeds Aspera Sync to enable data transfers at full bandwidth capacity

  • Databiology

    Databiology selects Aspera to move life sciences data through the cloud

    Life Sciences Information Management Platform Uses Aspera’s High-Speed Data Transfer To Accelerate Critical Scientific Research

  • Definiens

    Definiens Selects Aspera to Ensure Reliable Delivery of Tissue Images

    Improves Medical Image and Data Set Transfers 14x for Analytics Processing

    Case Study
  • Deluxe Digital Studios

    Expanding digital content ingest and delivery capacity to meet growing global demand for post services

    Deluxe Digital Studios deploys Aspera software to increase capacity, shorten production cycles, and improve service levels

  • Deutsche Welle

    Delivering and Receiving Time-critical News Content Anywhere

    Reliably exchange large, time-sensitive content globally, typically 10GB up to 1TB over Internet, with partner stations and postproduction companies.

    Case Study
  • Digital Workshop

    High-speed, automated distribution of feature films and other media assets across South Africa

    Digital Workshop uses Aspera to maximize throughput of diverse media content

    Case Study
  • DIRECTV Latin America

    High-speed file transfers reduce need for tapes

    DirectTV Latin America deploys Aspera software to streamline post-production and distribution of HD content


    Unprecedented turnaround times for worldwide services

    Pioneering digital laboratory selects Aspera software to enhance its services offering with high-speed file transfer capabilities.

  • EMBL

    Enabling Molecular Biology Research with High-speed Data Transfer

    EMBL Deploys Aspera to Support Collaborative Research Effort with High-speed File Exchange

    Case Study
  • Encompass Digital Media Asia

    Enabling content management and distribution

    Aspera provides workflow automation and high-speed transfers for mission-critical media services

  • Encore Inflight

    Reliable Aspera delivery saves time, reduces costs and eliminates challenges of physical shipments

    Hong Kong-based Encore Inflight replaces courier delivery with reliable digital delivery via Aspera faspex

  • ESAC, Inc.

    Advancing cancer research with fast transfer of large Proteomic data

    ESAC relies on Aspera’s high-speed transfer software to move large proteomic data sets to and from Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) Data Coordinating Center (DCC)

    Case Study
  • European Space Agency

    The European Space Agency Selects Aspera to Distribute Astronomical Data Captured by the Gaia Mission

    High-speed Aspera FASP® transfers Enable Collaboration Between Geographically Dispersed Data Processing Teams

    Case Study
  • FilmTrack

    FilmTrack selects Aspera as high-speed direct-to-cloud file transfer platform

    New Service To Launch at NAB Following Successful Beta

  • Fios, Inc.

    High-speed secure transfers accelerate coast-to-coast eDiscovery

    Using Aspera to overcome the challenges of slow and unreliable SFTP transfers

    Case Study
  • FOX Sports at FIFA World Cup

    FOX Sports Revolutionizes Delivery of the 2018 FIFA World Cup with Aspera

    Aspera makes remote production of live events possible, enabling FOX Sports to deliver incredible viewer experiences at greatly reduced cost

    Case Study
  • FOX Sports Australia

    FOX Sports Australia Selects Aspera for Seamless Delivery of Sports Content

    FOX Sport uses Aspera Shares and Aspera Point-to-Point to simplify and accelerate file transfers


    Breakthrough workflow automation platform

    FOXTEL implements the Aspera Orchestrator as the core of its new contribution file delivery system

    Case Study
  • France Télévisions

    Efficient content contribution and distribution

    France Télévisions selects Aspera to accelerate delivery of high-quality TV programming to international and domestic audiences

    Case Study
  • Fuel VFX

    Completing the transition to file-based workflows with high-speed faspex™ digital delivery

    Fuel VFX selects Aspera to transport data around the world securely and reliably

  • Gener8

    Fast transfers enable collaboration for leading 3D conversion house

    Gener8 uses Aspera for speedy collaboration with 3rd party vendors

    Case Study
  • GenoSpace

    Scaling large genomic data transfers

    Leveraging the cloud to further genomic research

    Case Study
  • GigaScience

    Fast Transfers Improve Research Data Accessibility for Life Sciences Community

    GigaScience publishes big data biological and biomedical sciences studies with high-speed transport from Aspera

    Case Study
  • Global Bank

    High-speed secure file sharing for 10,000+ global bankers

    A leading global bank embeds Aspera FASPStream software to provide fast global file sharing, significantly improving banker productivity

    Case Study
  • Global Law Firm

    Accelerating global eDiscovery and litigation support

    Geographically dispersed legal teams rely on Aspera to collect and securely share large sets of case files at record speed

    Case Study
  • Groupe AB

    Groupe AB Accelerates and Scales Content Delivery with Aspera

    Reliably and Quickly Transfers Up to Five TB Per Month

    Case Study
  • Infinite Studios

    Scalable file transfer and exchange with overseas clients and partners

    Infinite Studios expands production with secure content delivery and exchange from Aspera

  • Institute for Genomic Sciences (IGS)

    Connecting genomic researchers

    Aspera software allows researchers to share terabytes of genomic sequencing data

    Case Study
  • Interface Video

    Speeding the exchange of large video files throughout Asia Pacific and overseas

    Hong Kong-based Interface selected Aspera to send and receive large full feature film packages daily

  • iROKO

    High-Speed Distribution of Nollywood Films and TV Series Across AWS Cloud

    iROKO Acheives High-Speed Video Transfers Globally with Aspera

    Case Study
  • iTunes

    High-performance content contribution

    Apple's ubiquitous online store standardizes high-speed video uploads with Aspera transport

  • Jabil

    Powering Global Manufacturing Services with High-performance Transfers

    Jabil selects Aspera to enable exchange of high-value design files between team members, customers and partners

    Case Study
  • James Cameron's Avatar

    Moving massive visual effects across the world

    Aspera software maximizes data transfer efficiency for the production of James Cameron's record-breaking epic

  • Kobaco

    High-speed delivery of commercials to broadcasters with Aspera

    Kobaco leverages the speed and security of Aspera to deliver commercials online, eliminating the need for private lines.

  • Leica Biosystems

    Eliminating the time and costs associated with expert collaboration

    Aspera fasp™ powers high-speed transfers of eSlides within the Aperio ePathology Cloud Solution

  • M-Net

    High-speed Ingest and Delivery of premium entertainment across Africa

    Moving large film & TV video through the digital supply chain, from content submission to final distribution

    Case Study
  • MediaCorp

    High-speed content transfer and management

    MediaCorp uses Aspera to quickly and efficiently transfer real-time news stories and content throughout its global media distribution network

  • MLB Advanced Media

    Streamlining a growing multi-platform video distribution business

    MLB Advanced Media deploys Aspera Files for video distribution

  • MSG Varsity

    Community programming at maximum speed

    MSG Varsity uses Aspera technology to shorten turnaround times

    Case Study
  • MTV3

    Enabling instant news gathering

    Aspera Mobile Client Application allows reporters to send content from mobile devices to MTV3’s news desk with ease

  • National Institute of Genetics

    DNA sequencing and large-scale data analysis

    NIG uses Aspera's Connect Server for international collaboration

  • National Instruments

    Empowering Global Software Development with High-speed Data Transfers

    Shortens Build Process from Four Days to Four Hours

    Case Study
  • Nefelus

    Enabling Innovation in Electronic Chip Design

    Nefelus Selects Aspera, an IBM Company, to Accelerate the Transfer of Big Data to Speed Computer Chip Design

    Case Study
  • NetApp

    NetApp Customer Success Services Deploys Aspera for High-Speed Global Transfers

    Aspera technology moves customers’ large core files and other support related data from around the world to the NetApp central ingest site ensuring timely analysis and speedy resolution.

    Case Study
  • Netflix

    Large scale content delivery in the cloud

    High-speed transfers direct to Amazon Web Services S3 Storage

  • Network Ten

    Powering transfers from the South African jungle to Sydney, Australia for hit show

    Network Ten leverages Aspera On Demand for cloud-based delivery of promo clips for I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

    Case Study
  • Ovation Data

    Enabling Data Management for Oil and Gas with High-Speed Seismic Data Transfers

    Ovation Data selects Aspera to transfer large oil and gas data sets

    Case Study

    Fast image file transfer over unreliable wireless

    Leading manufacturer of container handling equipment implements breakthrough tracking system with image capture and fast transmission via Aspera software

    Case Study
  • PBS

    Powering cross-country video distribution to online streaming platforms

    Fast, reliable transfers make large video files available to broadcasters' growing online audience

    Case Study

    Workflow Automation for Digital Content Management

    PERFORM Deploys Aspera to Automate Workflows in Digital Content Management

    Case Study
  • Phoenix TV

    Leveraging the cloud

    Collaboration between Phoenix and Aspera has astonishing results

    Case Study
  • Polsat

    Accelerating Content Delivery from Local Content Providers and Global News Correspondents

    Telewizja Polsat Deploys Aspera Solutions to Improve Content Gathering for Broadcast

    Case Study
  • Rainmaker Entertainment

    Rainmaker Entertainment selects Aspera for fast transfers to and from clients

    Leading computer animation and design company facilitates collaboration with Aspera

  • Random House

    Automated, global production workflow for audiobook publishing

    Using Aspera software to power global audiobook production, Random House successfully shortens production cycles

  • RDSI

    RDSI initiative uses Aspera for science DMZ data mover

    RDSI, the Australian Government Initiative that aims to support data-intensive research with data storage and collaboration infrastructure, has selected Aspera for high-speed data movement

  • ROSEN Group

    Speeding Data Transfers for Energy Infrastructure Inspections

    Transfers of large files and data sets increased 300 percent, greatly increased the predictability of data transfers leading to time and cost savings

    Case Study
  • Rovio

    Reliable delivery of entertainment content

    Rovio chooses Aspera for high-speed transfer of its world-famous Angry Birds animation series

  • SBS

    Guaranteed high-speed data transmission and delivery under extreme conditions

    Bridging networks and storage platforms with Aspera ensures that mission-critical data can be transferred at high-speed with uncompromising security

  • SendtoNews

    Solution for newsroom content delivery

    Rapid, predictable mobile uploads for content creators

    Case Study
  • Servient

    Expediting eDiscovery with maximum speed data transfers

    Servient selected software from Aspera to shorten the end-to-end workflow from the point of data receipt to the return of production data sets to clients.

    Case Study
  • SES Platform Services

    Fast and reliable transfers for playout services and delivery to VOD platforms worldwide

    SES Platform Services Implements Aspera for Fast Upload and Delivery of Media Materials to VOD and OTT providers

    Case Study
  • Ship-to-Shore

    High Speed Transfer Solution for Deep Marine Services

    Aspera replaces expensive helicopter and other physical data movement to and from vessels with high speed and reliable network transfer

    Case Study
  • Sky Italia

    Sky Italia optimizes its broadcast supply chain

    Game-changing IT infrastructure achieves new efficiencies and dynamic workflow improvements

    Case Study
  • Sky Production Services

    Sky Selects Aspera for High-speed Delivery of News and Programming

    Aspera FASP® Transfers Speed Up Content Ingest and Delivery For Sky Production Services (SPS)

  • Sportradar

    Sportradar Selects Aspera to Ensure Reliable Distribution of Live Streams Globally

    Reduces end-to-end delay to less than five seconds with no buffering with Aspera FASPStream

    Case Study
  • Spuul

    Enabling high-speed ingest of premium video to the cloud

    Spuul selects Aspera, an IBM Company, to speed the transfer of big data

    Case Study
  • Telstra

    Telstra and Aspera team up to bolster Telstra's digital video network (DVN) with high-speed file transfers & file sharing

    Leading Australian Telecommunications Company Selects Aspera’s Patented FASP Technology to Enable Secure, High Performance File Sharing for its Broadcast and Media Customers

  • Thai News Agency

    Delivering speed and reliability for global news content contribution

    Thai News Agency deploys Aspera Mobile for remote news gathering via wireless networks

  • The Mill

    Collaborating in real-time on multi-GB files across global facilities

    The speed benefits provided by Aspera software give The Mill more time to work on visual FX

  • The Weather Channel

    World-class media distribution platform

    The weather channel implements Aspera for media distribution and automation

  • Trailer Park

    Enabling marketing clients to submit project materials at maximum speed

    Improving security and performance with Aspera technology

    Case Study
  • Trinity Fellowship

    Delivering time-sensitive video sermons on time with high-speed transfers

    On-time delivery of video sermons with time-sensitive messaging from main campus to multiple satellite locations.

    Case Study
  • UEFA Euro2012

    High-speed video transfers deliver tournament clips to sports fans worldwide

    UEFA chose Aspera to power transfers of match promos, highlights, interviews, player and host city profiles from event sites in Eastern Europe to broadcasters worldwide

    Case Study
  • UFC

    Distributing promotional web content to martial arts fans around the world

    UFC uses Aspera to move content in and out of the cloud

    Case Study
  • Universal Pictures

    Enabling global collaboration for major movie production

    Aspera faspex™ helps Universal Pictures meet their short deployment timelines, scalability, high security and ease-of-use standards

    Case Study
  • VHX

    Enabling high-speed ingest of premium video to the cloud

    VHX relies on high-speed transfer from Aspera to quickly and securely ingest videos from filmmakers directly into S3

    Case Study
  • Viaplay

    Fast media file transfers for accelerated streaming

    Viaplay chooses Aspera to accelerate ingest of files for its streaming service

  • Viki

    Speeding media delivery to an international audience

    Viki Partners with Aspera, an IBM Company, to Deliver International Video Content to an Expanding Global Fan Base

    Case Study
  • Wazee Digital

    High speed digital asset management and distribution

    Wazee Digital speeds global multimedia workflows with Aspera

    Case Study
  • WDR mediagroup

    Powering Complex Digital Media Workflows

    Leading German media service provider deploys complete suite of Aspera high-speed file transfer, automation & collaboration solutions

    Case Study
  • Weta Digital

    Enabling global digital visual effects workflows

    Aspera transforms digital workflows for four-time Academy Award® winning visual effects facility

  • Yapku

    Enabling clients across Europe, Asia and Australia to access Yapku's services with high-speed file transfers

    Hong Kong-based Yapku embeds Aspera On Demand into its pop! file delivery service

  • Zencoder

    Enabling Video Transcoding in the Cloud with Aspera On Demand

    Moving large video files in and out of the Amazon Web Services cloud

    Case Study

« La technologie de transport d'Aspera s'impose comme le nouveau standard avec une majorité de nos partenaires médias. » Martin Brannigan, directeur des opérations de diffusion chez Sky Italia