Aspera's high-speed transfer solutions are available on a wide variety of application delivery platforms.

Aspera Transfer Platform

The Aspera Transfer Platform sits at the heart of our on-premise and in-the-cloud transfer server software and solves the fundamental problems that exist with data movement over long-haul wide area networks. A truly universal high-speed transfer platform, it supports transfers of any data type or size, leveraging all infrastructure and storage types, regardless of location, with maximum speed and a comprehensive offering for all transport paradigms and deployment models.


Aspera On Demand delivers scale-out transfer capacity, enabling efficient, large-scale workflows, with enterprise-grade security, a variety of client options (web, mobile, embedded), and applications for ingest, sharing, collaboration and exchange of big data, available as on-demand subscription services.


Enterprises are taking advantage of the latest mobile devices to gain advantages in highly competitive environments such as newsgathering, or to improve operational efficiencies and streamline global workflows. Aspera Mobile ensures the fastest, most efficient transport of data and content to and from the devices over today's pervasive mobile data and broadband wireless networks, regardless of network conditions and distance.

Scale-out NAS

Aspera and Isilon Systems have partnered to create the first predictable, non-disruptive high performance Wide Area File and Content Delivery solution designed specifically for moving large files long distances, at the fastest possible speed. Aspera Enterprise Server and Connect Server for Isilon IQ ship with every Isilon scale-out storage system, providing an integrated solution uniquely enabled to transfer and store file assets of any size, with maximum speed, over any IP network, with complete bandwidth control and security.

"Aspera's platform is easy to scale, which positions Aviate for rapid growth without requiring them to re-engineer the system."Shane Zucker, Chief Marketing Officer at Aviate