More and more companies need a fast and easy way of sharing and exchanging very large data sets between interconnected teams, customers, and partners, regardless of the type of data, where the data was created, or how far it has to travel. To collaborate effectively, these global teams require the freedom to access the data they need, when they need it, on the device of their choice, without the constraints imposed by IT infrastructure that relies on traditional network protocols and is severely impacted by high-latency networks.

Aspera’s high speed transfer platform meets the demands of today’s complex global production teams with a comprehensive platform that supports the most common use cases across industries as diverse as film post production for major film studios, next generation genome sequence analysis in life sciences research, and audio book production in publishing.


Broad platform and device support

Users can choose from a variety of end user applications and interfaces such as Web, Desktop, Mobile, and email, providing complete freedom and flexibility in sending and receiving files and directories.

Easy to-use

The email-style interface makes it very easy to send files or complete directories, of any size, to a recipient or distribution list using the familiar email style interface with file attachments, and all applications are designed to run natively and integrate with the features and capabilities of their device for a truly exceptional user experience.

Completely Secure

Built-in security includes user authentication, data integrity validation, and encryption over the wire and at rest. Downloaded packages can be automatically decrypted on the fly, if the recipient has been provided the passphrase, or can be downloaded and stored in an encrypted package until the sender provides the passphrase at a later date.

Enterprise Grade

Built for enterprise-scale deployments, with LDAP integration, group management, multi-server and multi-site configurations, and high-availability configurations.

Use Cases

Digital delivery and collaborative file transfer with external partners

An ultra-fast, robust and secure delivery system to transfer work in progress and finished assets around the world between customers and vendors, with automatic on-boarding of new partners, automatic client installation, e-mail notifications for delivery and download, and drop boxes with custom metadata for ad-hoc 3rd party submissions.

“Aspera is the industry standard for the transport and management of large data files produced by life sciences. Aspera’s superior file transport speed, bandwidth management and reliability coupled with BGI’s newly released EasyGenomics bioinformatics platform, delivers a powerful solution for our customers and collaborators. Aspera’s flexible APIs allowed us to quickly complete system integration and provide service.” Sifei He, BGI’s Cloud Product Director