Management & Automation

Complex business workflows often demand more than simple transfers of files from point A to point B. Files need to be collected from multiple sources, checked for viruses and data defects, processed by various native and third-party applications, and distributed in multiple formats to several recipients. The entire process must be automated, and must provide real-time status and control, and instantly notify the right person of stoppages or errors.

Aspera’s management and automation applications provide a complete workflow orchestration and monitoring solution. Designed for extreme scalability, they can accommodate virtually any set of workflow requirements and seamlessly move data between any locations, whether on premise or in public, private or hybrid cloud platforms. Highly visual graphical interfaces enable easy workflow design and testing, accurate real-time progress assessments, and extensive customizable reporting.


Aspera Orchestrator automates collection, processing and distribution of large volumes of file-based digital assets. The rich library of plug-ins includes support for popular applications such as A/V, transcoding, virus scanning, ad insertion and encryption. The powerful run-time engine supports on-the-fly conditional decision-making, manual user inputs, automated high-speed file movement, and third-party system integrations.


Aspera Console enables centralized monitoring, management, and reporting of your Aspera transfer environment. Real-time dashboards show all transfer activity and allows full control over file transfers, priority, and bandwidth control. New transfers can be initiated ad hoc or automated for specific scheduling. Administrators can remotely configure any connected Aspera server and leverage comprehensive transfer logs to create customized activity, usage and billing reports and notifications.