Aspera is an ideal place for innovative and ambitious engineers and entrepreneurial technologists. We are a worldwide leader in high performance data transport software. Work at Aspera is an opportunity to develop interesting emerging technologies and have a great time in the process. Our offices are an open plan located in the tech corridor of Emeryville in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although we work hard, we also enjoy one another’s company. Teams collaborate on a daily basis, and play sports together when the weather permits. 


  • Founded in 2004; headquartered in Emeryville, CA
  • FASP™ - award winning and breakthrough technology for high-speed data transfer
  • A market leader in high-speed data transfer solutions
  • Worldwide deployment in media and entertainment, life sciences, government agencies, high tech and global IT companies

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“We consider Aspera to be an important business partner of ours. Not only does the technology
have clear and demonstrable benefits but the company also listens to our feedback and has already incorporated changes based on our needs.” Jonathan Humphrey, IT Director at Codemasters