Enabling clients across Europe, Asia and Australia to access Yapku's services with high-speed file transfers

Hong Kong-based Yapku embeds Aspera On Demand into its pop! file delivery service


Hong Kong-based Yapku, a content logistics provider for media companies, has embedded Aspera On Demand (AOD) into its pop! file delivery service for cloud, onsite and hybrid cloud environments that enables clients throughout Europe, Asia and Australia to access Yapku’s services, which include video tape bulk ingest, high-speed file logistics services, and bespoke media workflow solutions.

With Aspera fully integrated into the pop! platform, Yapku clients are able to upload and download large file packages quickly and securely via the Yapku branded portal. The intuitive interface enables companies to share files between workgroups and can be configured to allow file and folder sharing between departments or even between companies, facilitating collaboration.

The pop! platform is offered in two versions to meet the varying licensing and security models demanded by media clients: pop! cloud and pop! onsite. Whether users elect to run pop! in the cloud, onsite or in a hybrid cloud environment, the centralized Yapku portal featuring Aspera’s patented FASP high-speed transfer protocol enables clients to take advantage of Yapku’s many services, including asset storage and management, transcoding and metadata processing.

“We chose Aspera because of the ease and flexibility of integration, the reputation of the solution in the market and the level of security and robustness of transfers,” said Darren Breeze, CTO at Yapku.

“Demand for our high-speed transfer platform continues to increase in Asia, and Aspera is dedicated to supporting the region with fast, secure and reliable file exchange. By reducing transfer times, Aspera enables companies in the region and beyond to focus on providing quality and timely services for their valued clients,” said JK Lim, director APAC sales at Aspera.


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