WDR mediagroup

Powering Complex Digital Media Workflows

Leading German media service provider deploys complete suite of Aspera high-speed file transfer, automation & collaboration solutions


WDR mediagroup (WDRmg) is a Germany-based enterprise that offers media services, including program marketing and advertising for radio, tv, and online, in addition to providing digitization, digital archiving, and other technical services. 

WDRmg has deployed a complete suite of high-speed transfer and automation solutions from Aspera to streamline complex workflows of large and wildly diverse volumes of digital media assets. By speeding its workflow and scaling its capacity, WDRmg can now process and upload more video content than ever to video streaming platforms around the world.

WDRmg, one of the largest integrated media service providers in Germany, needed an efficient way to manage its complex workflows for processing content from multiple file formats for content digitizing, archiving and delivery, as well as marketing and advertising services. Serving as the media arm for German public broadcasting institution WDR, WDRmg also digitizes historical programming – often originating in outdated formats – from WDR’s 40-plus year broadcasting history to prepare it for streaming services. 

By placing Aspera Orchestrator at the center of its workflow management system, WDRmg was able to integrate an array of existing subsystems with highly efficient, predictable file processing and delivery pipelines to give it complete control and transparency of the process. 

WDRmg ingests material from customers quickly and securely via high-speed Aspera transfer, completes processing and transcoding into required formats and distributes the resulting content to a variety of online streaming services. 

WDRmg can now process and upload approximately 80 percent more video content to video streaming platforms for its customers. 

These performance and efficiency improvements enable WDRmg to significantly expand its capacity to supply high-quality content to 15 leading video-on-demand platforms, which exposes the content to a much wider audience. 


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