Wazee Digital

High speed digital asset management and distribution

Wazee Digital speeds global multimedia workflows with Aspera


Wazee Digital, based in Denver, CO, is a leader in digital asset management, an industry experiencing rapid growth as multimedia content becomes more immersive, and integrated with consumers’ daily lives.

Wazee’s customers create, transfer, store, and deliver content every day, requiring a sophisticated asset management platform with powerful and flexible capabilities to support a content library of >19 PBs.

Media operations at this scale benefit greatly from a cloud computing infrastructure that enables centralized storage and management of massive media files with ease. To deliver this SaaS platform, Wazee needed a reliable and secure high-speed data transfer solution to move data to and from anywhere in the world. 

To offer a viable, mainstream solution for the M&E industry, Wazee Digital designed and built a cloud-native DAM platform that supports multiple offerings and integrated Aspera on Cloud (formerly Aspera Files) API into its asset management platform, Wazee Digital Core. Prior to using Aspera, ingesting and processing content from a live event took Wazee Digital days. Now the company can often ingest and process content on the same day – even within hours or minutes!


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