Speeding media delivery to an international audience

Viki Partners with Aspera, an IBM Company, to Deliver International Video Content to an Expanding Global Fan Base


Viki is a global website that streams TV shows, movies, music videos and other premium content to fans around the world. Additionally, the website serves as the first and fastest online platform for real-time subtitling and sharing of video. The platform allows fans to translate videos into over 200 languages using Viki’s proprietary subtitling technology, enabling thousands of fans around the world to collaborate in dozens of languages at once. 

Viki and Aspera have partnered up to add high-speed file transfers to Viki’s global TV service to achieve faster file ingestion. Content providers located around the world now utilize high-performance Aspera file transfers for fast and reliable upload of all premium video content, and the over 33 million viewers around the world who watch and share content on Viki each month now get access to fresh content faster than ever before. 

To serve their growing user base with a diverse variety of new videos, Viki often receives premium content just before it’s scheduled to air from providers located in every corner of the world. Viki was faced with the challenge of how to quickly ingest large video files – typically reaching 40 to 50 GB per file – from globally dispersed locations, and post content to the website as soon after air as possible. Viki sought a new transfer solution that could consistently achieve and maintain a high level of performance for every transfer over any distance. 

Viki evaluated several options from different transfer providers; however, the other solutions fell flat when it came to transfer speeds, reliability, and ease-of-use. Viki selected Aspera On Demand (AOD) as the exclusive file transfer mechanism for all video uploads to Viki’s cloud-based storage on AWS S3. Additionally, AOD supports ad hoc downloads by the Viki operations team for quality control purposes. 

With high-speed transfers from Aspera, Viki is able to receive and distribute content on a global scale. By reducing file upload times by as much as 50 percent, AOD has greatly decreased content turnaround time. Today Viki receives large video files from content providers around the world, completes processing and transcoding activities, and posts them to the website for fans to consume internationally, all within an hour or two from time of air. 


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