Enabling high-speed ingest of premium video to the cloud

VHX relies on high-speed transfer from Aspera to quickly and securely ingest videos from filmmakers directly into S3


VHX is a direct-to-fan digital distribution platform for video that allows independent artists and distributors to market and sell video directly to their audience through their own websites. The cloud-based platform offers a comprehensive set of services such as web design, social media integration, audience engagement, search engine and mobile optimization, ecommerce, and analytics providing publishers with complete control over the entire video experience. 

VHX relies on high-speed transfers from Aspera to quickly and securely ingest full- length feature films and other video content from filmmakers directly into their platform running on AWS S3, significantly reducing the time it takes to make content available online. 

VHX elected to implement solutions from Aspera due in large part to requests from several of the large distribution houses using the platform. VHX wanted to align their business with the industry standards and provide a seamless experience for filmmakers and distributors who were already using Aspera in their workflows. 

Today, VHX uses Aspera On Demand to ingest master video files from filmmakers directly into Amazon object-based cloud storage. By overcoming bottlenecks in the WAN, and delivering the content directly to S3, Aspera greatly reduces transfer times while providing the highest level of security and reliability. After ingest, VHX uses Zencoder to transcode the master file into multiple versions for different target platforms. The transcoded videos are then stored back in S3, ready for digital distribution. After purchasing through the VHX platform, consumers can stream content or download files directly. 

The combination of VHX’s innovative Platform-as-a-Service and Aspera’s high-speed transfer technology enables artists to quickly and easily upload their video content to market and sell on their own websites, giving them a new avenue to reach fans and allowing them to retain more profits. 


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