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UFC uses Aspera to move content in and out of the cloud


Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) is the world’s leading promoter of mixed martial arts (MMA), with programming broadcast to half a billion homes throughout 150 countries. In addition to the live match broadcasting on pay-per-view television, UFC also features a host of other content on its website prior to each match, including footage of fighters in training, weight cutting, and interviews with the fans and fighters.

In the past, UFC had used a traditional file transfer protocol (FTP) to transfer their video clips to a host point. Unfortunately, FTP transfers were slow, unreliable, and unsuitable for large transfers. “The biggest problem with FTP is a file will get halfway there and then crash and fail, and then we have to start over,” said Christy King, Vice President of Digital, Technology Research Development at UFC.

UFC selected Aspera On Demand Application Platform running on AWS EC2 instances and Connect browser plug-in to transfer video clips at high-speed from the different venues to AWS. Production teams transfer the content from their laptops using the install-on-demand Connect plug-in, and the Aspera Application Platform stores the content directly in S3.

Moving content to the cloud via Aspera technology allows UFC to take advantage of all the benefits of the cloud without losing time waiting for files to upload. UFC now enjoys a 50–90% monthly savings in storage costs after moving to AWS S3, and transfer speeds are now hundreds of times faster using Aspera.

With Aspera On Demand, UFC didn’t need to make large investments in infrastructure or support a team to manage a web server, eliminating the associated cost and risk while providing the immense scalability and accessibility offered by the cloud.


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“We needed to be able to push content from the worst possible locations, so we developed a solution using Aspera.” Christy King, VP, Digital, Technology R&D, UFC