Trinity Fellowship

Delivering time-sensitive video sermons on time with high-speed transfers

On-time delivery of video sermons with time-sensitive messaging from main campus to multiple satellite locations.


Trinity Fellowship, a non-denominational, multi-site church with campuses dispersed throughout Texas and Oklahoma, utilizes video content to deliver succinct, timely and relevant messages to every member of its extensive and expanding audience. Sermons at the main campus are recorded on video and then delivered to satellite campuses to be shown to local congregations, enabling Trinity to speak with one voice to all its followers.

As Trinity Fellowship grew and added more satellite locations, the distance between locations posed a challenge. Previously, Trinity drove recorded sermons to a satellite location, which worked well until the church added locations outside of a reasonable driving distance. Trinity needed a way to deliver the sermons, which were often time-sensitive and tied to specific events or holidays, to each location quickly to maintain relevance.

Trinity had tried several on-premise and cloud-based file sharing and transfer solutions, but they all lacked the transfer speed, reliability, and ease of use that Trinity required. After evaluating and testing several file transfer options, Trinity selected Aspera, deploying Aspera’s faspex server at the main site and Cargo Downloader clients at each satellite location. Transfers run over a dedicated 45 Mbps pipe, moving content from the main church campus and distributing it to all the satellite churches.

With Aspera, Trinity can now capture high-quality content, edit the video footage, and distribute the final package to satellite campuses spread across a geographic area the size of New England within hours after the Saturday evening sermon concludes at the main campus, making it available for Sunday morning services at the satellite locations. Aspera’s patented fasp transport technology is able to fully utilize the 45 Mbps pipe. Using faspex, an editor in Dallas can send 190 Gigabytes of video content in less than 10 hours, eliminating the costs, the risks and the delays of shipping hard drives.

Aspera’s robust architecture and stability ensure that Trinity’s messages are delivered reliably, securely and on time. "We’re one body. We’re one church. We have one message, and we want everyone to hear it at once," says Michael Wells, Executive Director of Operations at Trinity. "With Aspera, we can reach our audience without latency and know that our content is safe and won’t be lost or tampered with in transit."


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"We’re one body. We’re one church. We have one message, and we want everyone to hear it at once. With Aspera, we can reach our audience without latency."Michael Wells, Executive Director of Operations