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Improving security and performance with Aspera technology


Trailer Park is the world’s leading media marketing company, creating award-winning campaigns and delivering a variety of advertising services to major studios, networks, and other media clients. Some of the services Trailer Park is best known for include theatrical trailers for major motion pictures such as Iron Man, The Grey, and Alvin and the Chipmunks, complete product packaging, billboard and bus sign ads, web sites and mobile applications.

In the past, Trailer Park had used standard ftp to complete transfers to and from their media clients. But ftp proved to be slow and unreliable due to the inherent bottlenecks in the underlying protocol. When the ftp system spontaneously crashed one day after a maintenance window, Trailer Park recognized that it was time to make a switch.

Of key concern for a new transfer solution was security. Trailer Park also wanted to attain greater visibility and control over the transfer environment, having experienced issues with bandwidth saturation in the past when they used a transfer client to send and receive content via their customers’ transfer servers, which provided them little ability to throttle transfers.

Using Aspera, Trailer Park now transfers very large files – including full-length HD feature films of up to 400 GB – at maximum speed over their 100 Mbps pipe.

“We’re doing more digital deliveries now than we ever have before,” said Michael Forester, IT Director at Trailer Park. “Large file transfers take less time with Aspera than with anything else.” 

Plus, Aspera Console provides Trailer Park with complete visibility over the transfer environment, so they can monitor and manage bandwidth utilization and work with clients to cap bandwidth usage when needed.

“The two major reasons we need Aspera are for security and performance,” said Forester. “We don’t have unlimited bandwidth; we have to make sure we’re utilizing the bandwidth we’ve got the best we can.”


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"We don’t have unlimited bandwidth; we have to make sure we’re utilizing the bandwidth we’ve got the best we can." Michael Forester, IT Director