The Weather Channel

World-class media distribution platform

The weather channel implements Aspera for media distribution and automation


The Weather Channel has deployed solutions from Aspera to build and manage a new world-class media distribution platform. High-speed Aspera fasp transfers reduce production times from hours to minutes, effectively doubling inbound and outbound velocity and achieving faster content turnaround.

With a vision of building the world’s largest, most open and easily distributable library of weather content, The Weather Company realized it was time to transform their media distribution system. The organization set out to build a central, open architecture media hub that could be accessed by globally-dispersed teams and that could efficiently manage the ingest, storage, cataloging, and distribution of large quantities of weather content.

The Weather Company’s central business goals – to present the most accurate weather reporting, the most timely weather, and keep people safe in the process – all depend on speed to market. And with 10 to 20 terabytes of weather content from multiple sources being ingested daily, it was critical to find a solution that could move very large data sets across the globe while maintaining maximum speeds. To accomplish their main goal of fast-tracking content through the production cycle, The Weather Company selected a suite of products from Aspera, including Aspera faspex, the intuitive, efficient platform for person-to-person collaboration and file exchange, as well as Aspera Point-to-Point and Aspera Orchestrator.

Transfer automation with Aspera Orchestrator streamlines content ingest and automatically directs files to the appropriate location, freeing up human resources so they may be refocused on editing, production, and other areas that add value to the organization, and in turn reducing turnaround times.

After processing, editing and transcoding are completed, content is then delivered via faspex to a number of distribution channels, including, Telecast, and Weather Underground, along with a number of digital apps. 

The Weather Company also selected Aspera Console to monitor each step in the production cycle from a single interface, beginning with file ingest, to the editing and publishing of a clip, followed by transcoding and finally distribution to web and mobile platforms.

Today the company benefits from the reliability, stability, and ease of use offered by Aspera technology. Plus, the platform offers the flexibility to make changes to the workflow and vendors as needed, allowing The Weather Company to prepare for the unforeseeable future.


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"With Aspera, we’ve dramatically increased the speed at which we’re able to turn content around and send it back out." Bryson Koehler, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer