The Mill

Collaborating in real-time on multi-GB files across global facilities

The speed benefits provided by Aspera software give The Mill more time to work on visual FX


The Mill creates post-production visual FX for the advertising, film, TV, games and music industries, handling multiple workflows with teams working on multi-GB files. With three time zones and geographic locations to operate and manage, achieving real-time collaboration on projects proved a very difficult task. The Mill couldn’t synchronize and replicate file-based content between locations fast enough, having to queue different teams up to work on the same large media files, impacting the length of the production cycle.

“We’re dealing with terabytes of data that we need to transfer and manage, and our files for post-production workflows have to be digitally posted around the world,” said Jonathan Brazier, computer systems manager at The Mill. “But our previous solutions really slowed our workflows down with each office having to wait in turn for hours to work on new shots.”

To enable real-time collaboration on multi-GB project files, The Mill now uses Aspera Sync to enable real-time, post-production collaboration across their facilities in New York, London, and Los Angeles. With scalable and multidirectional file-transfer technology for big data over large distances, Aspera’s Sync solution enabled The Mill’s award-winning visual FX team to develop collaborative, real-time 3D post-production workflows that can run 24/7 and up to 200 times faster.

“From our previous experience of working with Aspera we knew they would be very good technically and help us achieve the results we were looking for. Ultimately, it’s all about speed and saving time, and Aspera helps us do that. With a faster post-production workflow, we can spend more time producing better visual FX for our clients,” he added.

Built upon Aspera fasp transport technology, Aspera Sync transfers new or changed data between peers at full bandwidth capacity, regardless of distance and network conditions, making it consistently fast and scalable. Aspera Sync allows The Mill to take on more projects in which different studios across the globe collaborate together and split the work between locations.

 “We’re pleased The Mill selected Aspera Sync to power their global workflows,” said Bruce Brewer, European Sales Director at Aspera. “The ability to keep multiple sites in sync at high speed enables The Mill to meet their existing workload, and allows them to take on larger, more complex projects, as they continue to grow their 3D post-production business.”



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