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Sky Selects Aspera for High-speed Delivery of News and Programming

Aspera FASP® Transfers Speed Up Content Ingest and Delivery For Sky Production Services (SPS)


Sky, Europe’s leading entertainment company, deployed solutions from Aspera to speed up the ingest and delivery of news, programming material and other content internally and with external suppliers across Europe and the world. The solution provides greater flexibility and reliability in how Sky Production Services (SPS) can receive and deliver materials, ensuring the company can provide the best service possible to their valued customers. 

Sky’s need for a new transfer solution became apparent following the recent acquisition of  Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland, which opened the door to sharing a host of new, valuable content between the organizations. Additionally, Sky’s move away from tape-based workflows translated to a greater reliance on file-based delivery, and created a greater need for a reliable, secure and fast content delivery solution.

Sky Production Services selected a suite of high-speed file transfer solutions from Aspera to acquire content from suppliers and share materials internally.

Aspera’s best-in-class security was a main factor in Sky’s selection, with features including Aspera Proxy deployed in a highly available active/active configuration, encryption in transit and at rest and user authentication to protect valuable content – such as pre-air episodes of Game of Thrones – throughout the transfer process.

By facilitating collaboration with European counterparts and third party content suppliers, Aspera enables Sky to provide the broadest range of high quality content to their 22 million customers across Italy, Germany, Austria, Ireland and the UK. 

Aspera Point-to-Point clients housed at each supplier’s location enable content providers to deliver content directly to Sky’s MAM – eliminating the need for third party aggregators – while Aspera faspex with the Cargo automatic download client is used for pushed delivery domestically and globally. 

Aiming to remain at the forefront of new technology advancements that enhance the viewing experience for their customers, Sky is also adopting Aspera On Demand for high-speed, secure transfer of digital content directly to its cloud-based transcoding platform, and is collaborating with Aspera on new initiatives to innovate new stream-based delivery and distribution workflows.

“We have 100% confidence in the Aspera system and the support we are provided,” said Darren Long Director of Sky Production Services at Sky. “Aspera has enabled us to receive and deliver broadcast files in a secure, fast, reliable and automated fashion and has enabled SPS to become more flexible and link up closely and collaboratively with our European peers. Aspera is also partnering with us to develop innovative solutions that meet the evolving media transport needs of our business, at the cutting edge of the industry.”

“As Europe’s leading media company, Sky is continuously growing and changing both through mergers and technological advances, and they require a flexible and reliable transfer solution that can provide immediate high performance and still adapt to changing broadcast environments of the future. Aspera offers a secure and proven solution that connects Sky directly with content providers, many of which are already using Aspera as their primary delivery method, as well as an innovative foundation for future transport needs,” said Bruce Brewer, European sales director at Aspera.


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