SES Platform Services

Fast and reliable transfers for playout services and delivery to VOD platforms worldwide

SES Platform Services Implements Aspera for Fast Upload and Delivery of Media Materials to VOD and OTT providers


SES Platform Services – a subsidiary of world-leading satellite operator SES – operates one of Europe’s most modern broadcasting centers and provides a comprehensive range of services that include content management, archiving, preparation for playout and file delivery. 

To meet increasing demand for fast and reliable playout services to broadcast networks and to speed the delivery of content to Video On Demand (VOD) platforms worldwide, SES Platform Services selected Aspera’s patented FASP® high-speed transfer technology. Aspera enables high-performance uploads of digital content to the SES facility and faster, more efficient deliveries to VOD platforms located around the world. 

Using Aspera, SES is able to receive several hundred files, amounting to 3 terabytes of data, each day from their customers. Additionally, Aspera completes approximately 100 outgoing file transfers to VOD platforms in the U.S., Germany and around the world. 

Aspera’s intuitive interface is easy to use even for non-technical users, simplifying the media upload process for SES Platform Services’ valued customers. As an added bonus, many of SES’ partners and clients also use Aspera, making the process of exchanging video files even easier. 

“We are very satisfied with the Aspera solution. Not only does it make life easy for our customers, who simply upload content via fast, secure Aspera transfers to our facility, but it also simplifies the process for us because now we have a single entry point for files entering our facility, making it easier to implement security measures for incoming deliveries,” said Sandra Buerger, Senior Manager, Content Management Engineering at SES Platform Services. 


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