Expediting eDiscovery with maximum speed data transfers

Servient selected software from Aspera to shorten the end-to-end workflow from the point of data receipt to the return of production data sets to clients.


Servient is an eDiscovery firm that provides a software-as-a-service solution for law firms and other organizations that need to fine comb large databases to identify and produce documents that are relevant to a specific case. 

With legal data perpetually increasing in size, it can become an expensive and daunting task for businesses involved in litigation to sort through the masses of legal data and extract relevant materials. Servient's innovative technology solution serves to keep legal costs contained and relieve the burden of discovery for organizations by combining advanced machine learning technology with minimal attorney review. Known as Predictive Review, Servient's solution speeds up the legal review process while maintaining accuracy by predicting and prioritizing documents to streamline identification of relevant documents. 

Servient relies on Aspera to power its internal delivery chain, moving large legal data sets through each stage of the eDiscovery process from ingest to processing to review, as well as to deliver the resulting relevant materials to its customers.

"We wanted to process data as soon as we received it. Aspera achieved our need for quick turnaround time," said Ram Prasad, Vice President of Software Engineering at Servient.

Plus, Aspera's comprehensive security protects clients' sensitive documents with thorough SSH authentication, AES-128 data encryption in transit and at rest, and data integrity verification for each transmitted block.

Combining industry-leading high-throughput processing with Aspera's maximum speed data deliveries, Servient offers clients a powerful and effective solution that places them ahead of the curve.


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"We wanted to process data as soon as we received it. Aspera achieved our need for quick turnaround time.”Ram Prasad, Vice President of Software Engineering