Speeding Data Transfers for Energy Infrastructure Inspections

Transfers of large files and data sets increased 300 percent, greatly increased the predictability of data transfers leading to time and cost savings


The ROSEN Group, headquartered in Stans, Switzerland, is a global provider of inspection and integrity products, services and research and development for safe and reliable operations of the oil and gas and broader energy industry.

Field technicians examine customer assets such as pipelines, refineries, plants, tanks, vessels, wind turbines, trains, and telecommunication towers. These inspections generate inspection data that
must be shared with one or more of the 22 offices and technology & research centers around the world for analysis. ROSEN Group needed a reliable and secure high-speed data transfer solution that provided complete visibility over the entire transfer environment to predictably complete projects.

Aspera Shares provides a simple and intuitive way to securely and quickly transfer large data to any
of ROSEN Group’s 22 worldwide offices; Aspera Console provides complete visibility over the entire
transfer environment with ability to prioritize data transfers and fully utilize all available bandwidth.

With the huge increase in the speed and reliability of data transfers and full visibility of
the Aspera deployment, ROSEN Group can now accurately plan, allocate resources and
predictably deliver large inspection analyses to customers while also achieving significant
cost savings.


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