Workflow Automation for Digital Content Management

PERFORM Deploys Aspera to Automate Workflows in Digital Content Management


PERFORM is a leading provider of sports media live streaming and video on demand. The company distributes sports news media clips and full match content to both television broadcasters and digital media services, processing thousands of media files every day for customers globally. 

PERFORM selected Aspera Orchestrator to serve as the single, seamless interface for workflow management, creating a highly scalable and automated workflow to manage large volumes of diverse media files for customers worldwide. By using Aspera Orchestrator to automate one of the largest transcoding systems in the industry, PERFORM can seamlessly control the flow of data through its Content Management System (CMS) in a single view and scale out to the cloud when workloads spike, ensuring the on-demand delivery of sports video under even the most demanding conditions. 

During peak demand, Aspera Orchestrator helps PERFORM to intelligently move workloads to the cloud using Aspera On Demand when its on-premise systems reach specific user-defined processing thresholds. Once content is processed and transcoded, the required formats are sent to broadcasters and media partners via a high-speed FASP transfer. 

Aspera Orchestrator monitors overall system health and the job status of every single workflow. If one of the supporting applications becomes unavailable, Orchestrator quarantines the application, notifies the team, and re-routes the workflow to alternate systems. Processing errors are automatically reported and users are notified and provided with a recommended resolution. 

The new system marks an industry first for heterogeneous file management, handling over 20,000 diverse media files per day. 

Aspera helps PERFORM eliminate human error by automating key decisions and setting business rules in a variety of configurations to reduce time cycles and guarantee delivery to its customers. Orchestrator works behind the scenes to automatically invoke the right application, manage the processing, and handle conditional decision making as dictated by the customers’ service level agreements. 

With Aspera, PERFORM satisfies customer demands by seamlessly handling sudden increases in data volumes and by pushing the highest priority projects to the front of the queue. 


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