Ovation Data

Enabling Data Management for Oil and Gas with High-Speed Seismic Data Transfers

Ovation Data selects Aspera to transfer large oil and gas data sets


OvationData is the global leader in data management solutions for top companies in the Oil and Gas industry. The services include data storage, full data lifecycle management, and the restoration, migration and preservation of oil & gas exploration data from legacy media, including vintage 7, 9, and 21-track tapes. 

OvationData has integrated Aspera as the high-speed transfer backbone to their entire data management system. Aspera is used to receive any digital-form raw data from the customer and to return processed data to the customer, as well as internally to replicate data between offices for disaster recovery purposes. 

With high-speed transfers from Aspera, OvationData is able to move hundreds of terabytes of data weekly between internal offices for disaster recovery and replication, and equally large transfer volumes for file ingest and delivery to customers. 

Aspera’s bulletproof security package protects valuable digital assets with encryption in transit and at rest, data integrity verification for each transmitted block, and user authentication. 

“Aspera has made my delivery model much safer, more streamlined, and more efficient,” said Billy Long, Account Manager at OvationData. 

OvationData’s unparalleled knowledge and experience with petroleum-specific data management supported by high-speed transfers from Aspera provides customers with powerful solutions to the greatest challenges facing Oil and Gas companies today. 

“Aspera maintains fast speeds for large seismic data transfers across the world, even from distant exploration sites with the worst network conditions,” said Long. “No other solution can deliver this level of transfer performance with the reliability and security that Aspera does.” 


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