Network Ten

Powering transfers from the South African jungle to Sydney, Australia for hit show

Network Ten leverages Aspera On Demand for cloud-based delivery of promo clips for I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!


Network Ten is an Australian commercial broadcasting network that airs a number of popular television shows including The Bachelorette, MasterChef Australia, and SharkTank. In 2015, the network broadcast the first Australian edition of the show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! based on the original British series of the same name. Set in the South African jungle, the show presented the network with a unique challenge of transporting video files back to headquarters in Sydney, Australia in a timely manner. 

Network Ten selected Aspera faspex On Demand, a high-speed, cloud-based file transfer solution, to move large promotional video materials from the filming site in South Africa to editors in Australia, saving time, providing ease of use to producers and editors alike and protecting valuable content throughout the transfer process. 

Network Ten found that Aspera was able to relieve many of the pain points Network Ten had experienced previously with standard FTP transfers. During initial testing, Aspera was able to maintain 25 Mbps throughput consistently by fully utilizing available bandwidth. Sending the same file with FTP resulted in rates of less than 2 Mbps and was prone to peaks and valleys throughout the transfer. 

Aspera’s subscription-based faspex On Demand offering enabled Network Ten to tap into the cloud-based resources they needed throughout the three-month project and to then scale back those resources after the show’s completion. 

The solution streamlined Network Ten’s workflow, enabling promo editors in South Africa to deliver packaged clips at high speed to editors in Sydney, where files were automatically downloaded via Aspera Cargo and ready to be polished and finalized before airing on the network.


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