NetApp Customer Success Services Deploys Aspera for High-Speed Global Transfers

Aspera technology moves customers’ large core files and other support related data from around the world to the NetApp central ingest site ensuring timely analysis and speedy resolution.


NetApp Customer Success Services (CSS) provides around-the-clock support for customers using NetApp comprehensive storage and data management solutions.

To assess and solve technical issues, the CSS team at times needs to retrieve the core file – a log that is created when a program encounters an error and terminates unexpectedly ­– and related support data from the customer. CSS then analyzes the core file to discover the root of the problem and develop a diagnosis and repair plan.

NetApp sought a file-transfer solution to provide speed, reliability, security, and the flexibility for customers to send core files from anywhere in the world, whether they are located in Amsterdam, New York, or Singapore.

After reviewing their requirements and considering all available solutions, NetApp selected Aspera, based in part on prior successful experience using Point-to-Point clients to transfer files from Mountain View, CA to Hyderabad, India. NetApp successfully implemented a software suite from Aspera that included Point-to-Point, Connect Server, and the Console Management Application.

The Connect browser plug-in allows customers to upload core files to a centralized Connect Server, while Aspera Point-to-Point transfers files to the appropriate internal destination. This is determined by a series of complex algorithms automatically triggered upon file upload. Depending on whether it’s a core file, a data file, or a different classification, each file will take the required route to one of the NetApp facilities. Aspera Console monitors the transfer environment and adjusts transfer rates as needed to ensure time-critical projects are prioritized.

Plus, Aspera’s distance-agnostic solution allows CSS to ingest data at a central location. While NGS’s original plan was to build out a datacenter in Bangalore, India to support APAC customers, this costly and time-intensive endeavor was no longer needed. Thanks to Aspera, customers could easily send files from APAC to the NetApp ingest site in Sunnyvale, where the Aspera Connect Server scales to accommodate very dense traffic.

“With the speed that fasp offers, you don’t need a local ingest site,” said Suresh Bahugudumbi, Senior Manager at NetApp. “You can actually transfer data from anywhere in the world.” Avoiding the Bangalore build-out resulted in cost savings of approximately $1 million.


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"With the speed that fasp offers, you don’t need a local ingest site. You can actually transfer data from anywhere in the world.”Suresh Bahugudumbi, Senior Manager