National Instruments

Empowering Global Software Development with High-speed Data Transfers

Shortens Build Process from Four Days to Four Hours


Established in 1976 in Austin, Texas, National Instruments (NI) provides graphical software and modular hardware solutions for more than 35,000 enterprise customers. NI’s advanced technology solutions help engineers and scientists design, prototype and deploy measurement and control systems that enables them to increase productivity and accelerate innovation and discovery to bring thousands of products to market.

Today, more than 6,000 end users dispersed around the world need access to NI’s code bases and software builds. This includes 2,000 developers that work continually on code bases, product and test teams that need to access exports and installers, and sales and marketing teams that need to access full release packages. To maintain an efficient and continuous development cycle, all updates to the code base from any of the remote sites need to be synchronized with its central data center, then synchronized back out to the remote offices.

Using Aspera’s patented high-speed transfer technology, NI synchronizes large software builds between teams around the world from its centralized data center in Austin, Texas to significantly accelerate its follow-the-sun development.

With Aspera, NI R&D teams can work continually on the latest software builds. Over the last 18 months, the build process was shortened from an average of four days down to four hours. The teams are able to be more responsive to customers and can innovate more quickly as a result of the predictable delivery timelines and costs, and due to reduced risks previously associated with the development build process.


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