Leica Biosystems

Eliminating the time and costs associated with expert collaboration

Aspera fasp™ powers high-speed transfers of eSlides within the Aperio ePathology Cloud Solution


The leading provider of ePathology systems, Leica Biosystems, through its Aperio ePathology Solutions, has integrated Aspera’s industry leading Connect Server to move large digital images over ePathAccess worldwide.

Aperio ePathology Solutions begin by converting glass slides to electronic whole slide images (eSlides) that can be managed and distributed inside an institution, within an IT network, or now, across the globe. Uploading these images easily, quickly and securely was the challenge since each eSlide can be very large, and an entire patient case, can be a gigabyte of data. Aspera has helped to overcome this challenge.

Embedded in ePathAccess, using a flexible set of APIs, Aspera fasp enables secure, high-speed transfer of eSlides and electronic pathology records, within the Aperio Managed Network, ensuring the fastest upload, and eliminating the associated time and travel costs related to expert collaboration. Turnaround time is significantly decreased, making it possible for remote sites with limited access to pathology services to expand patient services.


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“The Aspera transfer platform powers the high-speed distribution of data, and integrating with their rich APIs and SDK was straightforward.” Anne Brumme, Vice President, Research and Development