High-speed delivery of commercials to broadcasters with Aspera

Kobaco leverages the speed and security of Aspera to deliver commercials online, eliminating the need for private lines.


KOBACO sells advertising airtime of 139 Korean terrestrial TV, radio and DMB broadcasters, and by doing so, KOBACO ensures them a stable revenue source so that they may independently produce and air high quality programs. To improve  advertising sales process, they have established cutting edge IT infrastructure, KOBAnet and KODEX, which are currently used industry-wide by 154 broadcasters and 5,000 advertising agencies.

KOBAnet is an online sales support system which is contributing to the development of the industry by drastically improving the advertising transaction process and providing vast data such as advertising effectiveness analysis. It is now evolving into a broadcast advertising portal site.

KODEX is an online commercial delivery system. It supports the management of digital broadcast advertising material, format conversion, and online delivery of the contents to each broadcaster. It has established itself as a solid foundation for standardization of the industry. Recognized for the innovative technology of its system, KODEX has been awarded two patents.

The integration of Aspera into the KODEX system, eliminated the need for costly dedicated (private) lines used previously. Security was a key factor and the built in security and encryption of Aspera fasp ensures content remains protected. Commercial delivery speed was also drastically enhanced by 2-3 times minimum and up to more than 10 times in some cases.  Moreover, transmission was no longer interrupted due to network instability, Aspera fasp proved to be extremely reliable, robust, and predictable, improving satisfaction levels and the overall reliability of KODEX.



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