Powering Global Manufacturing Services with High-performance Transfers

Jabil selects Aspera to enable exchange of high-value design files between team members, customers and partners


Jabil is a supply chain management and electronics manufacturing company that provides customers across multiple industries with intelligently designed global supply chains and product development services. 

Jabil relies on Aspera faspex™ on Demand, a high-speed person-to-person file transfer solution, running on IBM SoftLayer cloud to enable global users to send and exchange high-value design and engineering files. Since deploying the Aspera solution, Jabil has reduced their annual operating expenditures and replaced slow and tedious transfers via their previous managed file transfer (MFT) solution, thereby drastically reducing project turnaround times with high-speed transfers that utilize available bandwidth to move files at maximum speed regardless of size, transfer distance and network conditions. 

With faspex On Demand, Jabil can utilize the one-step Direct-to-Cloud technology to improve the transfer speed of design files to and from SoftLayer cloud storage. By leveraging platform-specific features and Aspera's patented FASP technology that is natively integrated into SoftLayer's object storage, users can effortlessly exchange files at high speed to other internal and external users. The advantage of running faspex on the SoftLayer cloud is unlimited scalability and flexibility for streamlined processes, global accessibility, and effective project management. 

Using Aspera, Jabil is able to transfer files of unlimited size and quantity, and even complete directory structures, with reliable delivery times and accurate transfer completion time estimates. Plus, the solution maintains transfer performance independent of distance, connecting geographically dispersed team members, partners and customers and facilitating collaboration. On Jabil's most difficult production transfer, 124 GB worth of data spread across 3,400 files from several sub-folders was sent securely over public internet in less than 5 hours.  

Aspera faspex On Demand replaces slow and tedious file package compression and the need to split up big collections of files into multiple transfers, saving team members time and effort. Plus, the solution has resulted in substantial operation expense savings over their previous on-premises MFT solution. 


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