High-Speed Distribution of Nollywood Films and TV Series Across AWS Cloud

iROKO Acheives High-Speed Video Transfers Globally with Aspera


iROKO is an online entertainment platform that has pioneered Video On Demand (VOD) and mobile app entertainment in Africa, by providing instant access to thousands of premium African films and TV shows to viewers around the world. With offices in Lagos, New York, and London, iROKO has become the leading online entertainment platform for Nollywood – the world’s second largest film industry in terms of output, producing approximately 2,000 movies in Nigeria every year. 

Faced with hundreds of hours of premium Nollywood content produced in various formats on a daily basis, iROKO needed a solution to exchange large video files – up to 100 GB per film – efficiently and reliably between globally distributed teams and partners.

iROKO deployed Aspera Shares on Demand, a cloud-based solution powered by Aspera’s FASP™ high-speed file transfer technology. The usage-based solution allows iROKO to take advantage of the immense scalability of the cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), without the cost and hassle of maintaining onsite infrastructure. Aspera Shares on Demand enables the fast and secure ingest of large video files reaching 50 – 100 GB each from filmmakers in Nigeria into the cloud. The solution significantly reduces the time it takes to exchange content with global teams and make it accessible to a global audience.


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"We can now move content from Nigeria to our teams and business partners in every corner of the world - something we couldn't do at this level of performance and security previously." Dean Collins, CTO iROKO