Interface Video

Speeding the exchange of large video files throughout Asia Pacific and overseas

Hong Kong-based Interface selected Aspera to send and receive large full feature film packages daily


Hong Kong-based Interface, a service company specializing in film editing and processing selected Aspera because of the ability to handle very large file sizes, even full feature film packages that include 2D, 3D and 4K versions as well as trailers, sound and subtitles – up to 500GB per title – that Interface must send and receive on a daily basis.

Partner studios use Aspera faspex to send Digital Cinema Distribution Masters (DCDM) to Interface. The DCDM is further processed and equipped with subtitles, edited into multiple versions, and finally repackaged as a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) that is sent to distributors around the world, or directly to cinemas for title releases. The Aspera solution replaces their legacy FTP system for transferring smaller files, such as film previews, as well as the physical hard drive shipments that were previously used for larger video files.

Beyond the optimal performance and security Aspera delivers, faspex also provides simplicity and ease of use to Interface’s clients, which include major film, television, music and entertainment companies as well as airlines. Aspera provides automatic resume and restart for partial or failed transfers, enabling Interface Video to traverse the unpredictable and often poor conditions of their overseas partners’ network connections.

“We chose Aspera not only because of our great experience with the speed and reliability of the technology, but also because they are a trusted partner in our industry,” said Jenny Poon, business development manager at Interface Video Production Ltd.


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