Global Law Firm

Accelerating global eDiscovery and litigation support

Geographically dispersed legal teams rely on Aspera to collect and securely share large sets of case files at record speed


A law firm with more than 1,000 professionals in North America, Asia and Europe is trusted by industry leading organizations for a wide range of legal services including litigation, corporate law,
transactions and regulatory compliance.

The firm needs to tightly coordinate large scale data collections for eDiscovery and litigation support across global teams and clients. This includes securely collecting multiple gigabytes of files from a wide variety of sources and locations and then sharing with legal teams for processing, preservation and review.

Speed and security are paramount when helping clients meet strict court mandated or regulatory driven timelines. Teams cannot wait days for files to be delivered over the internet using traditional file transfer technologies. With Aspera Connect Server and Shares software the law firm was able to revolutionize their eDiscovery and litigation support process. Secure, reliable and high-speed Aspera software moves gigabytes of electronically stored information (ESI) from client sites and central storage to teams across the globe, accelerating eDiscovery and improving the client experience.


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