Global Bank

High-speed secure file sharing for 10,000+ global bankers

A leading global bank embeds Aspera FASPStream software to provide fast global file sharing, significantly improving banker productivity


A global financial institution provides its 10,000+ banking professionals with a content management system to securely share financial statements, contracts and other sensitive documents for corporate banking services such as M&A transactions. The Windows based application is core to how the bank manages file sharing of highly sensitive financial and business documents.

The software allows bank employees to view, edit, download and share files with teams around the world. Files accessed through the desktop client are stored in datacenters across N. America, Europe and Asia. HTTP provides the transfer backbone for all data movement across the application, datacenter and local users.

Banking teams were struggling to access critical documents in a timely fashion, sometimes taking upwards of 20 minutes to download a single document. The challenges were amplified for employees in remote locations moving data over high latency global networks. These slowdowns added days and weeks to time-sensitive corporate banking transactions.

After a successful evaluation, the bank deployed Aspera Enterprise Server software in their datacenters and embedded Aspera FASPStream APIs in the client application. This allowed the bank to retain their existing application, which is core to their business, while providing global teams with high-speed access to crucial files. Download speeds improved over 500% enabling bankers to collaborate in real time and meet tight transaction and corporate banking timelines.


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