Scaling large genomic data transfers

Leveraging the cloud to further genomic research


GenoSpace offers a cloud-based software-as-a-services (SaaS) platform for the storage and analysis of large sets of complex genomic data, providing the tools to unite researchers, clinical labs, doctors, and patients for the development and delivery of personalized medicine. Their research gateways intersect clinical data with genomic parameters, allowing clinical providers to gain utility from data that would otherwise be difficult to query and interpret.

GenoSpace was founded to create a new type of secure data portal that could analyze clinical laboratory results and patient responses to therapy, using genomic information with high-level statistics to identify patterns and causes in patient responses to further segment the patient population. Once a clinical provider has conducted a test, collected samples, and run the samples through their instruments, the resulting data is then sent to the GenoSpace cloud platform for analysis and report generation. Genomics data can vastly exceed a gigabyte per patient with full genome sequencing, and often times clinical trials involve thousands of patients. GenoSpace set out to find a file transfer solution that could scale to accommodate large and rapidly growing genomic data files while also maintaining security, reliability, and remaining cost effective for smaller data sets, allowing them to focus on their core competency of data analysis and correlation.

Selecting a cloud-based solution coupled with Aspera’s FASP-powered high-speed transfers to the cloud proved to be a cost-effective option for GenoSpace’s use case. While avoiding heavy investments in infrastructure build-out, GenoSpace still reaps all of the benefits of the endlessly scalable cloud.


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“Aspera has achieved everything that we hoped it would achieve, plus it gives us the ability to scale further in the future.”Niall O'Conner, Director of Engineering