France Télévisions

Efficient content contribution and distribution

France Télévisions selects Aspera to accelerate delivery of high-quality TV programming to international and domestic audiences


France Télévisions is a state-owned public broadcast network with headquarters in Paris. The five national channels France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5 and France Ô cover a large range of media content, including the latest news, movies, series and documentaries. With regional sites and media partners dispersed across the country and globally, France Télévisions needed an effective transfer mechanism to share content across widely distributed teams. 

Previously, France Télévisions was using a rigid ad-hoc system based on FTP to move content between news teams and partners. Faced with an innumerable amount of different transfer processes, FTP was unable to maintain the transfer speeds and reliability that the broadcaster required. The growing demand for content contribution on a global scale drove France Télévisions’ need for radically increased efficiencies, improved reliability, and a faster overall delivery pipeline. 

Today, France Télévisions relies on Aspera’s Emmy® award-winning FASP™ high-speed file transfer technology to move media files through the supply chain, from ingest to distribution.  

Faced with specific deadlines, France Télévisions was able to implement Aspera’s technology, train 50 key users, and connect 30 regional sites within the set time frame. 

Aspera Orchestrator supports even the most complex, high-volume workflows, integrates seamlessly with third-party plug-ins, and ensures each processing step is accurately performed. With Orchestrator, files can be directed, processed and re-directed with easy-to-define rules based on France Télévisions’ workflow. 


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“We required a solution that not only delivers high-performance, scalable and cost-effective data transfer over long-distances, but also handles the automation of our complex end-to-end workflows. We identified Aspera as the clear leader and the software has met our extensive needs.” Philippe Rouaud, Director of Broadcast Engineering and IT