FOX Sports Australia

FOX Sports Australia Selects Aspera for Seamless Delivery of Sports Content

FOX Sport uses Aspera Shares and Aspera Point-to-Point to simplify and accelerate file transfers


FOX SPORTS Australia Pty Limited, Australia’s leading producer of sports television coverage, selected high-speed file transfer solutions from Aspera to streamline content ingest from global providers. Aspera enables suppliers to upload programs quickly and reliably, saving time and ensuring content is received, processed and ready to go in time for broadcast. 

FOX SPORTS broadcasts over 13,000 hours of live sports programming every year across the network’s seven channels, coupled with quality programs sourced from all over the world. As more providers were added to the mix, the process of sourcing programming had become increasingly convoluted and time consuming.

FOX SPORTS selected Aspera Shares and Aspera Point-to-Point to simplify and accelerate the process: providers initiate a secure high-speed transfer via Aspera Point-to-Point. Administrators at FOX are immediately notified when the transfer completes and the content is ready. The files are then passed through a series of steps including transcoding and QC checks via Telestream Vantage. Once editing and processing is completed, the finished content is uploaded to Aspera Shares for distribution where it can be browsed and downloaded at high-speed by users with appropriate access rights.

“The Aspera implementation immediately improved the way we receive and process content. We’re able to receive programs faster than ever before and no longer waste time locating and sending missing assets or searching physical content. The Aspera solution is trusted and widely deployed in the media industry, so we could leverage digital transfer with multiple partners,” said Judd Walliker, Broadcast Services Manager at FOX SPORTS Australia.

“FOX SPORTS needed to implement a customizable ingest platform with multiple applications to assist and service third party content providers that need to push assets to them in a predictable, reliable and secure manner. The Aspera solution meets their present need with the added benefit of simplifying and speeding up the whole process and providing expansion for the future,” said John Wastcoat, VP business development at Aspera. 


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