FOX Sports at FIFA World Cup

FOX Sports Revolutionizes Delivery of the 2018 FIFA World Cup with Aspera

Aspera makes remote production of live events possible, enabling FOX Sports to deliver incredible viewer experiences at greatly reduced cost


As the US English language home of the 2018 FIFA World Cup hosted in Russia, FOX Sports' Operations & Engineering team set out to create a dramatic new audience experience while maximizing efficiencies for the production of the event in Russia. The team sought to leverage FOX Sports’ existing, state-of-the art production facilities in Los Angeles and avoid the creation of entirely new facilities and the movement of staff to Russia.

In its coverage of the 64 tournament matches, FOX will ingest many HD-SDI feeds and two UHD-HDR feeds per match to create over 1 petabyte of content for the entire tournament. The production team in Los Angeles is able to edit and deliver content within seconds of live action to provide match highlights during the halftime show and other bridge programs. 

FOX Sports uses Aspera FASPStream™ technology integrated into Telestream’s Vantage and Lightspeed Live products. The integrated solution allows creative teams to begin working on a live capture feed delivered from a Russian site while the event is taking place. The editorial and production systems in Los Angeles receive a full-resolution captured video with very low latency, requiring fewer on-site edit and production systems.

By delivering an edit-ready format over IP directly into the remote storage infrastructure in Los Angeles, the solution enables editors to consume the live video almost instantaneously without any remote SDI infrastructure. All of this is accomplished without requiring expensive dedicated transmission line by utilizing only public internet data connections.

FOX Sports’ goal was to create a cutting-edge workflow that leveraged their “home base” infrastructure to support live event production anywhere in the world, a truly revolutionary achievement for a major event of this scale. The solution has proven to be highly cost-effective for the robust media handling capabilities it offers and its adaptability to the needs of both remote locations and the production staff at home. 


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