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High-speed secure transfers accelerate coast-to-coast eDiscovery

Using Aspera to overcome the challenges of slow and unreliable SFTP transfers


Today’s largest court cases often require parties to discover pertinent evidence from vast collections of digital files, including emails, documents, websites, and accounting databases. Portland, Oregon-based Fios, Inc., is an eDiscovery firm that oversees such electronic data collection, processing and document review hosting for the legal community. During the eDiscovery process, Fios must import and export data to clients around the country in a timely manner. Fios needed a fast and secure file transfer solution to replace the slow and unreliable SFTP transfers and the costly cross-country courier deliveries, to give Fios’ staff more time to work on customers’ projects. “Our top priority for WAN-based transfers is speed. SFTP worked OK for small data sets of a few gigabytes. But for larger data sets, 100 gigabytes and above, SFTP simply was not adequate,” says Tho Han, IT Director at Fios.

After evaluating several options, Fios selected Aspera to overcome the challenges of slow and unreliable SFTP transfers. Fios set up a 1 Gbps WAN between its “transfer sites” around the country and its primary data center, initially allocating 300 Mbps to Aspera transfers. Using Aspera’s Desktop Clients at its transfer sites and Aspera Point-to-Point at the data center, Fios now moves sensitive business data coast to coast at high speed and with 100% reliability. “Aspera is very easy to use and completely reliable,” says Han. “It was easy to set up, and we don’t have to worry about it not working.” Aspera transfers also preserve the original metadata that accompanies document files, including date and time stamps. These attributes are a mandatory component of digital evidence and it is critical for Fios to retain that information.

Using Aspera, Fios can now move a 100-gigabyte data set across the country in about one hour versus 10 hours for overnight courier delivery. This enables Fios to pass time and cost savings onto their customers, providing them with more time and resources to prepare for their court cases.

With Aspera’s flexible licensing model and precise control over bandwidth allocation, Fios benefits from highly scalable data transfers that can be easily adjusted as its business needs evolve. With Aspera, Fios’ business growth is not restricted by slow, unreliable transfers nor is its bottom line impacted by hefty shipping costs.


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“Aspera is very easy to use and completely reliable. It was easy to set up, and we don’t worry about it not working."Tho Han, IT Director