FilmTrack selects Aspera as high-speed direct-to-cloud file transfer platform

New Service To Launch at NAB Following Successful Beta


FilmTrack, a world leader in content and rights management technology for the media and entertainment industry, has selected Aspera as its high-speed direct-to-cloud file transfer platform, providing clients with unprecedented digital delivery speed security and service. The next-generation transfer technology has been integrated into FilmTrack’s cloud-based solutions suite and will power full-scale delivery of high-bandwidth files such as ProRes screeners, mezzanine file, and even digital master class assets.  

The new service will provide a robust end-to-end platform for media and entertainment companies under increasing pressure to deliver large data files seamlessly, quickly and cost-effectively.  Now companies can guarantee unprecedented levels of transfer performance and improved customer experience regardless of network conditions and transfer distance. The service has already been successfully beta tested by FilmTrack clients including Saban Brands and Svensk Filmindustri, and will be showcased at Aspera’s NAB booth #SL8511.

“FilmTrack is committed to helping its clients better manage, monetize and deliver their content across every point in the IP value chain, and we chose Aspera for its game-changing value proposition,” FilmTrack CEO Jason Kassin said. “This convergence of these two best-in-class services makes possible what was previously impossible, stretching the capabilities of transfer technology in a single integrated solution and allowing clients to collaborate much more effectively on a global scale.”

“Media companies are looking for better solutions to capitalize on their high-value assets,” said Richard Heitmann, Vice President of Marketing, Aspera. “The combination of Aspera On Demand with secure, high-speed transfers direct-to-to-cloud storage, and FilmTrack’s innovative content and rights management platform provide a superior solution, deployed on demand, with the flexibility and convenience of cloud infrastructure.”

Germain Putz, Director, Technical Services, at Saban Brands added: "On numerous occasions, FilmTrack's Aspera-enabled file management client has allowed us to meet delivery obligations for broadcast quality episodic files that would have been very problematic using traditional file transfer technology. The majority our clients are international, and they seek immediate media fulfillment of our TV series, regardless of the time zone differences between our locations.  It is because of FilmTrack and Aspera’s integrated platform that we are able to meet their needs. Our clients appreciate the ease of use, the efficiency of the download experience, the reliability of the transfer process and the branded professional user experience the portal provides.”


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