Encore Inflight

Reliable Aspera delivery saves time, reduces costs and eliminates challenges of physical shipments

Hong Kong-based Encore Inflight replaces courier delivery with reliable digital delivery via Aspera faspex


Encore Inflight, a leading inflight movie distributor based in Hong Kong, transitioned from courier delivery of digital betacam tapes to a reliable digital delivery platform with Aspera faspex, saving time, reducing costs and eliminating obstacles associated with international courier delivery, including shipment delays from weather-related flight cancellations and censorship, which is commonplace in countries such as Russia and China.

At the beginning of a theatrical release, Encore Inflight receives media files from producers via Aspera faspex. With a week to complete dubbing, subbing and aspect ratio reformatting, Encore Inflight doesn’t have time for delays in the transfer process, and Aspera allows them to operate within their tight turnaround times. Once Encore Inflight completes a project, Aspera is used to return the media files to clients’ labs for further processing and encoding prior to uploading to the aircraft.

Aspera enables Encore Inflight to send and receive media files around the clock from suppliers and clients in all time zones, with stability and reliability even when a client’s bandwidth is less than adequate. Encore Inflight is currently moving 2TB of data each month, and as they continue to expand their business, Aspera will scale to accommodate their growing transfer demands without limiting file sizes.

“The Aspera team went above and beyond the expected service in helping us set up, test and launch a solution that has allowed us to provide quality service to our clients all over the world,” said Jovita Toh, CEO, Encore Inflight.


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