Digital Workshop

High-speed, automated distribution of feature films and other media assets across South Africa

Digital Workshop uses Aspera to maximize throughput of diverse media content


Digital Workshop is a boutique full-service film and television post-production house offering services for cinema, broadcast and online industries. Based in South Africa, the facility handles all aspects of post production, including video editing, audio final mix, DCP encoding, digital transfers, Blu-ray and DVD authoring, creative editorial and consulting for film, television and digital campaigns.

Digital Workshop uses Aspera's FASP® high-speed transfer technology to ingest, manage and distribute hundreds of hours of diverse media content it receives daily from global content owners.

Digital Workshop receives up to five terabytes of Digital Cinema Package (DCP) trailers, Electronic Press Kit (EPK) packages, artwork, TV spots and film trailers from global film studios, content distributers and business partners each month. After it's ingested, content is further processed internally and distributed to local broadcasters, distributors and publicity outlets.

Using Aspera, Digital Workshop is able to receive, process and distribute high-quality content faster than ever before. No longer hindered by the challenges presented by tape delivery, the company has expanded its file delivery capacity from 500 gigabytes to three terabytes per month, including approximately 30 music videos and 10 features films. 


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