Definiens Selects Aspera to Ensure Reliable Delivery of Tissue Images

Improves Medical Image and Data Set Transfers 14x for Analytics Processing


German-based Definiens, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AstraZeneca, is the developer of a groundbreaking analytics platform capable of providing deeper insights and discoveries in oncology (cancer biology) and immuno-oncology. Its technique, called Tissue Phenomics®, significantly improves the information extracted and analyzed by histology (the study of tissue images). Intelligence gathered from the analysis of tissue slides, often in conjunction with genomic data and patient demographics, helps practitioners correlate and better understand individual patient profiles in recommending personalized treatments, or in some cases non-treatment.

As Tissue Phenomics continues to gain acceptance and recognition, more customers in the clinical space are adopting the technology. With patients’ lives on the line, speed of delivery is critical. In one case, Definiens’ automated image analysis algorithms were used to analyze upwards of 2,000 cancer tissue slides per day to help pathologists more accurately treat patients. However, legacy file transfer solutions like FTP struggle to move the data reliably and within tight patient timelines. With existing file transfer tools failing to meet its needs, Definiens sought a fast, secure and reliable solution capable of handling high-volume data transfers from anywhere in the world.

Definiens deployed the Aspera Faspex server software in its data center in Munich.
After downloading a simple Aspera browser plug-in, customers can now initiate a high-speed
transfer from anywhere in the world through the Definiens web portal. The Definiens team sends processed data back out to customers using the same simple process. Thanks to Aspera, transfers are now delivered with 100% reliability and at high speed, fully utilizing all available bandwidth.

With Aspera deployed, Definiens is now able to complete all data transfers with complete
security and 100% reliability even over the most challenged networks. No more manual
intervention or monitoring of the traffic environment is required to ensure transfers are
complete. More importantly, data transfers that previously took up to two weeks to complete are
completed more than 14x faster, in under a day.


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