Databiology selects Aspera to move life sciences data through the cloud

Life Sciences Information Management Platform Uses Aspera’s High-Speed Data Transfer To Accelerate Critical Scientific Research


Databiology Ltd., a solutions provider for scientific and clinical environments in life sciences, has selected Aspera to accelerate scientific research projects by moving large data sets quickly to, from and across the cloud.

The fast and reliable transfer of scientific research data is essential, particularly in clinical environments where a patient’s health is dependent on the results of the analysis. The challenge is that raw data sizes can reach several hundred gigabytes in size, especially for genomic sequencing sets. With Aspera’s Application Platform On Demand, Databiology will benefit from the reliable, high-speed transfer of these data sets to and from its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform – Databiology for Enterprise (DBE) – thus reducing reliance on slow and costly physical shipments of hard drives.  

Databiology’s DBE platform helps manage life science projects in fields such as genomics, proteomics or other biology and molecular research. The platform supports the full lifecycle of research projects from data acquisition and curation through analysis, retrieval and integration. DBE also supports a wide array of workload and infrastructure requirements to provide maximum flexibility and control over all research information and activities.

Aspera consistently delivers predictable and reliable transfer times, avoiding unexpected delays and transfer failures associated with traditional network protocols. This enables researchers to enjoy more efficient workflows between both internal user groups and third party research partners. The technology also features built-in security capabilities such as encryption in transit and at rest to protect valuable assets throughout the transfer process.

For joint clients and end users, Databiology’s open architecture enables interoperability with any scientific, commercial and clinical applications, while Aspera gives them the flexibility to use their existing infrastructure to achieve maximum transfer speeds.

“We’ve relied on Aspera in extremely poor quality transmission environments, for instance, sending large data sets from laptops over WiFi networks,” said Georges Heiter, founder and director at Databiology. “We consistently found that with Aspera, we get superior performance regardless of the distance or network conditions, which is critical in our field.”

“The Life Sciences industry is constantly searching for new and innovative ways to improve data sharing and analysis in support of clinical research,” said John Wastcoat, vice president of business development at Aspera. “The combination of Databiology’s cloud-based information management platform and Aspera’s cloud-based high-speed secure transfer technology delivers the ideal platform for managing the entire life sciences information lifecycle across teams, business units and geographies.” 


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